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Carry extra luggage more securely with quality straps, covers and more

Motorcycle luggage fitted to a Yamaha Ténéré 700

by Jim Blackstock |

Purpose-designed motorcycle luggage can be brilliant. Whether you use hard or soft panniers, a topbox or tankbag, all are brilliant ways of carrying your clobber around for commuting to work or going on a week-long holiday.

But often that’s not the end of the story. What about if you’ve run out of room and just want to add an extra small item? What about if you want to make your panniers extra secure?

Then there are the issues of extra weather-proofing or maybe a waterproof inner bag for that extra peace of mind. All these issues and more can be resolved by using extra straps, bags, covers or other kinds of luggage accessories.

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So, whether you need just a couple of the long-famous elasticated ‘bungee’ straps with which to strap an oversuit onto your bike’s back seat, some quality security straps to keep your panniers safe, some inner or outer pannier bags to be sure of keeping the rain out or more, there’s almost certainly a luggage accessory to suit you.

Here are some ideas and our pick of the best out there to help.

ROK straps are stretchable, adjustable and lockable luggage straps which are a whole generation

ROK Straps

They come in a variety of lengths of strong webbing; are rubberised to help keep tension; adjustable; have a locking buckle system and the clasps are in HD plastic to avoid the scratching that sometimes happens with traditional bungees. Simply attach, buckle them up then tighten for the perfectly secure and neat load.


Secure fitment


Different lengths available


More expensive than bungees

Most bikers are familiar with cargo nets and they're a great, lightweight way of attaching small

Oxford Cargo Net

Basically an elasticated net with an assortment of plastic-coated metal hooks, usually either four or six, at its corners and edges, they’re easy to use, versatile and cheap – hence their popularity. We wouldn’t, however, recommend their use for larger or heavier items or pronged distance use.



Ease of use



Only really for smaller, lighter items

Bungee straps need no introduction. They're fairly heavy-duty elasticated cords with

Bungee Cords Multi-Pack

Which is why this multi-pack, containing six straps with two each in 30cm, 45cm and 60cm lengths, gives you brilliant options for attaching extra luggage.


Ease and versatility

Multipack choice

Bargain price


Not as secure as some

Tested by Simon Weir for four years, 60,000 miles. Quality 4/5, Value 3/5

Oxford Aqua D WP Packing Cubes 3

"These three bags are an invaluable part of my packing process. Clothes go in the largest red one – it’ll hold four days’ T-shirts and underwear comfortably. I put shoes in the medium green one, though it could hold another three days’ clothes. I use the small one as my bag of power: adaptors, chargers, leads, extra power banks and headphones live in it – but it’s big enough to take much more.

Packing kit in these keeps it all organised and dry, even if the outer luggage leaks. I’ve used them enough that the branding has worn off and they’re looking a bit battered, but they still work as well as ever. My only gripe is that you can only buy them in sets like this, not individually or in packs of the same size: I’d like a couple more of the most-useful red ones."

A modern, more high-tech update on the traditional elasticated bungee strap. These Bungee Extra

Oxford u2018Bungee Extrau2019 Strap

They’re also approved to the demanding German TUV standard. On the slight downside, they’re more expensive than traditional, cheap bungees, too – the price here is for just one strap – but invest in an appropriate assortment of lengths and you won’t regret it.


More advanced ‘bungee’

Stronger with uprated hook

Variety of lengths


More expensive than traditional bungee

Soft panniers or saddlebags can be a great luggage option for your bike, especially if your ride

Waterproof Pannier Covers

Which is where these elasticated, polyester, waterproof saddlebag covers come in. They fit right over your panniers, keeping the worst of the rain and spray and bay and, when not needed, fold up small and can be tucked away.


Great for custom bikes and soft panniers

Great value

Easy to pack away afterwards


Need securing carefully

Accessory luggage straps such as bungees aren't always designed just to attach extra goodies to

Kriega Steelcore Security Strap

These Kriega straps are lockable via a stainless-steel cam lock, are made from steel-encased webbing, are a versatile 4.5feet long (1.37m) and comes with two keys and full fitting instructions and tips. There’s even a tie-back included for tidy storage.


Lockable feature

Strong, steel encased webbing

Long length


Not the cheapest

Here's a simple fix to that most common of British biking luggage problems, keeping the gear in

Weise Dry Bag

The Weise dry bag is exactly what it says on the tin – a waterproof, transparent, double-seal bag into which you put your gear, seal properly, then stow in your luggage for peace of mind. Yes, many people simply use bin bags, but these are usefully clear so you can see what’s in them, have a proper seal and are pretty cheap anyway.


Simple solution

Clear with a proper seal

Good value


Skinflints will stick with binbags

Here's another simple, affordable solution to a common bike-luggage problem, stopping your items

Bike-It Luggage Protection Web

This anti-slip mat/webbing is available in two sizes and is simply put on your pillion seat (or whatever you’re strapping your extra items to) underneath your extra items before you strap it down. Its non-slip properties stop things from sliding around and, when not in use, it can easily be stored in your luggage or elsewhere.


Simple solution

Two sizes

Decent value


Needs to be stored afterwards

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