Top motorcycle camping kit

While a hotel might be the ideal accommodation for many, others may prefer sleeping under canvas.

motorcycle camping kit

by Jim Blackstock |

If you're heading off on a long, multi-day trip or tour, then you'll need to stay in different places overnight.

Many people in this situation will favour hotels, warm and dry, with the potential for anything from home-cooked to gourmet dining and the need to carry only your clothes with you on the bike.

Others, however, may prefer the excitement of camping. It's cheaper, and many like the freedom it offers; pitch where you like, when you like, eat what you like and know exactly what you're getting when you get there.

Of course, there are downsides to camping on your motorcycle. The weather is a huge one, which is why your choice of tent is crucial. It will be, after all, your only shelter, and so you need to make sure you can pitch it quickly in case it's chucking down when you arrive at your campsite, but also, it has enough room for you, your kit and your – now-wet – riding gear.

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You can, of course, get huge tents, but these are not very transportable on a motorcycle, and so we arrive at the key point with motorcycle camping gear – the compromise between size in use and packed size for carrying on the bike and weight. The same goes for stoves and cooking gear, sleeping bags and sleep mats.

The key is to plan ahead. Sure, you can't always plan for the weather, but you can get an idea of likely conditions on your trip. If you're heading to the south of France in August, you probably won't be needing a full four-season sleeping bag. Conversely, a trip to Nordkapp in late autumn means plenty of layers and a good sleeping bag.

Useful motorcycle camping gear:

1. Coleman Darwin Tent

Best value tent


A decent tent is perhaps the most important bit of kit, as it will be your main shelter from the

Coleman Darwin Tent

2. Wild Country Zephyros Compact 1

Best lightweight 3-season tent


If, however, small and light really is what you want, this is your best option. It's a one-person

Wild Country Zephyros Compact 1

3. Sea to Summit Treeline TII Sleeping Bag

Best touring sleeping bag


After the tent, your sleeping bag is probably the most important piece of kit. It will need to

Sea to Summit Treeline TII Sleeping Bag

4. Berghaus Peak Self-Inflating Mat

Best self-inflating sleeping mat


The emerging pattern we hope is becoming clear is that, like most things, outdoor gear and

Berghaus Peak Self-Inflating Mat

5. Oxford Aqua D WP Packing Cubes


Tested by Simon Weir for four years, 60,000 miles. Quality 4/5, Value 3/5: "These three

Oxford Aqua D WP packing cubes

6. Trangia 27-6 Cook Set (1-2 Person)

Best lightweight cooking kit


A stove is an essential kit for cooking up hot meals and brewing tea when you're out on the field,

Trangia 27-6 Cook Set (1-2 Person)

7. Helinox Chair One

Best lightweight chair


After a day in the saddle, you might want something a bit more comfortable than the ground to sit

Helinox Chair One

8. Ariel GXR Water Containers


This pair of collapsible water containers is Amazon's Choice, and it's not hard to see why. You

Ariel GXR Water Containers

9. Microfibre Towel


We all know how good microfibre is at drying things - I use these cloths to dry my bikes all the

Microfibre Towel

10. ThorFire Lantern


You'll always need light when you're away, and this operates as a lantern when the telescopic

ThorFire Lantern

11. Goal Zero Flip 36 Power Bank


There are mountains of power banks on offer, all broadly the same. So why choose this one? It's

Goal Zero Flip 36 Power Bank

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