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Carry more luggage in more safety by fitting a luggage rack to your motorcycle.

Yamaha Ténéré 700 with luggage rack fitted

by Jim Blackstock |

Sometimes, you don’t want full-on fitted luggage on your motorcycle. Sometimes, you just want to chuck a bag across the back, strap it on and go. And while this can often be entirely possible with an empty pillion seat, on some bikes, there simply isn’t enough room to be able to fix a rollbag securely enough.

This is where a luggage rack can come in handy, especially on bikes with small pillion seats, such as sportsbikes or bobbers with no pillion seat. In these cases case, adding a luggage rack provides much more area for you to be able to rest a bag on safely and strap it down, improving safety and convenience.

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And on off-road bikes, they can provide a useful spot to mount essential kit with you, such as tools and spares and if you are using a lightweight off-roader or adventure bike for commuting, then the rack will be useful for your daily gear.

Alternatively, if you don’t use it for luggage, a rack could also provide a useful spot to wrap your padlock and chain around so that it is always with you – also useful for commuting, for example.

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Of course, there are also racks that are part of a larger luggage system so in the future, you could build on the rack itself if you need to carry more luggage, by adding say a topbox.

But in the meantime, here is a selection of luggage racks to improve your carrying capacity and your safety.

1. Hepco and Becker


This u2018luggage bridgeu2019 from German manufacturer Hepco & Becker is not cheap but it is well

Hepco and Becker

Maximum load: 3kg

2. Ventura Sport Rack


Ventura has come up with an interesting way to add luggage to bikes that would not normally be

Ventura Sport Rack

The upstood rear ends then accept the luggage rack shown here (as well as systems for larger bags), that can be positioned to the front or the rear, depending on weight balance.

Load limit: Unknown

3. Renntec Luggage Rack


British firm Renntec has a massive range of luggage racks, such as this one for a Yamaha XJ900F.

Renntec Luggage Rack

Load limit: 5kg

4. SW-Motech Top Rack


Luggage giant SW-Motech offers a simple, bolt-on tubular-steel luggage rack for a range of

SW-Motech Top Rack

Maximum load: 7.5kg

5. Givi Luggage Rack


Givi is another huge luggage manufacturer that produces racks to hold its range of topboxes. This

Givi Luggage Rack

Load limit: 6kg

6. Natgic Rack


This rack is designed to fit the rear fender of a Harley Davidson XL Sportster and is available in

Natgic Rack

Load limit: 4.5kg

7. Anzy Rack and Backrest


This rack has it all going on; mounting brackets, luggage rack and backrest for a pillion

Anzy Rack and Backrest

The backrest and rack can be used individually or together, as you see here and the rack has tie-down points on the bottom to secure luggage.

Load limit: 4.5kg

8. Siebenrock Solo


This odd-looking rack from Siebenrock is designed to work with the companyu2019s u2018Solou2019

Siebenrock Solo

While the price of £77.01 seems attractive, the Solo seat which this must be used with costs a whopping £307.23 so you really need to be committed to your future-classic BMW.

Maximum load: Unknown

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