Best motorcycle batteries

A flat battery is guaranteed to put a dampener on any bike ride.

A motorcycle battery being changed

by Jim Blackstock |

We're all guilty of taking batteries for granted until they eventually run out. Whether it's through lack of use or the battery is aged and discharging you'll need a new one at some point.

Batteries are serviceable parts and finding the right one easily will save you a major headache.

With this in mind, we've found the best motorcycle batteries currently on sale. From simple replacement units to simple-to-install upgrades there will be a battery perfect for your bike.

And while you're at it, why not look at buying a battery charger or jump pack so you're not left with an immobile motorcycle again.

The best motorcycle batteries

1. PTX9-BS Powerline Factory Sealed Motorcycle Battery 12V 9Ah

The best motorcycle battery on a budget


A top seller on Amazon, this 12V 9Ah battery will be a simple swap job so long as it fits your

PTX9-BS Powerline Factory Sealed Motorcycle Battery 12V 9Ah

2. Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery - LTX9-BS LION

The best simple battery


A lithium battery is a great upgrade for your bike because it's lighter offers better cold starts

Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery - LTX9-BS LION

3. GP-PRO GTX4L-BS 12V 5Ah GEL Starter Battery

The best battery for easy maintenance


Designed to be maintenance-free thanks to an advanced gel construction, this battery should be

GP-PRO GTX4L-BS 12V 5Ah GEL Starter Battery

4. Aliant Lithium Battery

The best lithium battery


High performance at low temperature, long life and competitive prices make the Aliant YLP Series a

Aliant Lithium Battery

5. Dynavolt motorcycle gel battery

The best gel nanotech battery


Gel Nanotechnology batteries are robust and reliable, often offering more battery cycles and a

Dynavolt motorcycle gel battery

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