Best Christmas presents for motorcyclists

Give the biker in your life the gift of happiness with these motorcycle-inspired presents

Santa rides a Ducati

by Jim Blackstock |

It’s that time of year; cheesy Christmas music everywhere you go, light displays that can be seen from space and the annual competition to see who can generate the most ‘Awws’ from their Christmas advert (the John Lewis one gets our vote).

And every motorcyclist in the country begins to dread the onslaught of bike-inspired gifts that give rise to forced grins and gratitude.

Of course, it’s all about the giving, not the receiving at Christmas but that being the case, if you are reading this and you want to give something to a motorcyclist, then this selection of gifts will genuinely make them smile. Everything here is cool, useful, interesting, entertaining or a combination of both.

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So put down that wrapping paper and give them something they will genuinely love this Christmas.

1. Muc-Off Ultimate Care Kit


Itu2019s a fact u2013 particularly at this time of year u2013 that you simply cannot have enough

Muc-Off Ultimate Care Kit

It includes a selection of the company’s exceptional products, such as motorcycle cleaner, speed polish and motorcycle protectant as well as a selection of brushes and clothes to apply it all to keep the rider in your life’s bike spick and span this winter. All in a handy plastic carry box...I’m hinting at this one heavily at the moment...


Everything you need to keep your bike clean and tidy

Comprises quality products from renowned manufacturer

Comes in handy ‘tool’ box


You’ll need a lot of wrapping paper

2. MotoGP Flip-Flops


It might be a little early to start thinking about shorts and flip-flops but spring and summer

MotoGP Flip-Flops

Perfect to hide away in a topbox or pannier on a long tour, they get good reviews, saying they are comfortable. Who knows – they might even be perfect for chilling out watching Christmas TV. Just don’t get them too close to the log fire…


Official MotoGP branding

Reports say very comfortable

Be ready for summer


May make you realise how much winter is left

3. Classic Bike Calendar


Even in this digital, connected age, people still like paper-based calendars (and thankfully,

Classic Bike Calendar

It’s stacked with images of lovely old motorcycles for riders of a certain age (or predilection) and has a different bike for each month. It also has a sheet of (fairly lairy) stickers to remind you of key dates.


Everyone loves a calendar

Some lovely old bikes

Nice photography


Fairly gaudy reminder stickers

4. Big Pavu2019s Parts Shop T-shirt


Pav was Pavlo Andrusiak who worked at the Leeds branch of SportsBikeShop and had a separate

Big Pavu2019s Parts Shop T-shirt

He planned to launch a range of clothing but never managed it but SBS has taken on the project itself and all proceeds go to Pav’s charities of choice: The Royal British Legion, Combat Stress and the British Heart Foundation.


Great design

High-quality T-shirts

Proceeds go to exceptional causes



5. Castrol Can Mug


Thereu2019s always room for one more mug u2013 at home, in the workshop or at work. And this one

Castrol Can Mug

It holds a whopping 300ml of your favourite hot or cold drink and the impression you’re drinking from a can of oil will impress fellow bikers and scare non-riders away. Excellent…


Huge 300ml capacity

Realistic retro design

Look good in any petrolheads home or workshop


May make people do double-takes

6. RST ladies T-shirt


This ladies long-sleeved T-shirt has a real retro surfer/skater vibe to it, with its contrasting

RST ladies T-shirt


Stylish retro design

Striking colours

Tailored female cut



7. Bathroom Book Of Trivia


The publishers of this book clearly appreciate the calm and solitude of the bathroom and

Bathroom Book Of Trivia


Stacked full of interesting and entertaining facts

Perfect bathroom reading

One fact a day for a year


Likely to be the cause of multiple “Are you still in there?” style arguments

8. MotoGP Socks


Traditionally, Christmas is a time of peace on earth and goodwill to all men. And socks as

MotoGP Socks

One size fits all and they are long enough to cover most of the lower leg so will sit perfectly inside tall boots. They are cushioned and feature a fitted ankle for comfort.


MotoGP branding

Tall design for warmth

Fitted ankle for comfort


They’re still socks

9. Personalised Key Ring


Just like mugs, you can rarely have too many key rings and this personalised one seems a very nice

Personalised Key Ring

Reviews say it is weighty and a nice product and though tempting for the rider in your life to fit their bike keys to, it may not be appropriate to be rattling around on the top of the bike.


Nice looking design


Includes inscription of your choice


Bit heavy to be bounding on the top yoke

10. Motocourse 2021


Motocourse is the longest-running motorcycle sport yearbook and this 46th edition charts the 2021

Motocourse 2021

It is full of in-depth analysis of every round and lap-by-lap charts of positions as well as highlighting Valentino Rossi’s unique contribution to the sport of motorcycle racing. It is available for pre-order now, with shipping from December 20, just in time for Christmas.


Exceptional race analysis

Stunning photography

Summarises all important series in 2021


Cutting it fine for Christmas

11. Bikes Unlimited Subscription


Love all forms of motorcycling? Canu2019t decide which magazine to read? Then read them all with a

You get MCN every week, for all the latest motorcycle and sport news; Bike for its inspirational adventures from around the world; RiDE for its hype-free travel, product and bike advice; Built for its stunning custom creations; Practical Sportsbike with its wealth of information for owners and builders and Classic Bike for fans of retro and classic machinery.


Satisfies every motorcycling taste

Everything from latest news to in-depth features

Available digitally and instantly


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