Best Motorcycle Thermals and Base Layers

Beat the freeze with these toasty base layers

Best Motorcycle Thermals and Base Layers

by Jim Blackstock |

Staying warm whilst on your bike is essential - being cold can be tiring and distracting, two things you don't want to have to battle while trying to concentrate on riding in tricky conditions.

Keeping warm is a case of layering. A winterproof jacket and trousers may be perfect for blocking out wind and rain, but it's essential to build a strong foundation by starting with a thermal base layer.

We recommend buying thermals that offer a close, snug fit as this will help trap warm air against the skin – keeping you warm in the wintery months.

In addition, look for thermal and base layers that are breathable and wick away moisture easily. There's no point putting on a waterproof shell if you're going to get wet from the inside out due to sweat.

Best winter thermals

1. X99 Electric Heated Vest


Five heated areas to keep you warm and the ability to plug into a USB power bank or even USB

X99 Electric Heated Vest

2. Forcefield Tornado Advance Pants


Tested by Dan Sutherland for one month, 700 miles. Quality 5/5 Value 4/5: "As someone who

Forcefield Tornado Advance Pants

3. Gerbing MicroWirePRO Heated Premium Jacket Liner


Gerbing have recently given their flagship product a complete redesign, offering a better fit and

Gerbing MicroWirePRO Heated Premium Jacket Liner

4. Rrtizan Heated Vest


Thick and quilted with three levels of heat (40°C, 50°C and 60°C) and can be powered by any USB

Rrtizan Heated Vest

5. EDZ Men's Undersuit


This lightweight undersuit is perfect for wintery conditions when its excellent thermal properties

EDZ Menu2019s Undersuit

6. Keis Heated Inner Gloves


These heated inner gloves sit nicely beneath your favourite bike gloves. They can be powered using

Keis Heated Inner Gloves

7. Oxford Advanced Base Layers


These base layers from British kit giant Oxford Products seemed to sneak onto the market like a

Oxford Advanced Base Layers

8. MotoGP Balaclava


Perfect for winter motorcycling, the MotoGP balaclava is a snug, super-comfort fit that will help

MotoGP Balaclava

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