The best motorcycle accessories

What are the best things to bolt on to your bike? Here's our pick of the crop.

A motorbike with lots of accessories

by Jon Urry |

From ensuring your phone is charged up to keeping your hands lovely and toasty in winter, a few simple motorcycle accessories can make a world of difference to your riding experience.

One of the things that separates owning a motorbike from a car is the sheer volume of customisation options and accessories available to you.

Some are easy to fit, others take a bit more time, but all of them tailor the riding experience to the way you want it, sometimes making you more comfortable and able to concentrate more fully on the joy of actually riding.

Some of the best motorcycle accessories only cost a couple of quid and take a few seconds to fit, so what’s stopping you? Here is our pick of the bunch.

1. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Best phone holder


If you use your phone as a sat nav on your motorbike then you'll want a sturdy mount to eliminate

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

2. Oxford Products OF772 Heated Grips

Best product for commuters


Once you've ridden with heated grips you'll wonder how on earth you ever survived without them.

Oxford Products OF772 Heated Grips

Although fitting them does require a degree of mechanical skill as you need to remove the existing hand grips, the instructions are nice and clear and the box contains everything you need to complete the task. A brilliant product that is worth every penny and is also a good safety aid as cold fingers can't work the brake and throttle accurately. If they don't come as standard on your bike, heated grips are of the best motorcycle accessories you can fit.

3. Givi EA106B Easy-Magnet Tank Bag

Best for short trips


Motorcycles are limited in terms of storage space and not everyone wants to ride around with a

Givi EA106B Easy-Magnet Tank Bag

4. MOTOPOWER MP0609-UK 3.1Amp Motorcycle USB Charger for Phone

Best accessory for a modern lifestyle


With smartphones playing an ever-more important role in our day-to-day lives the ability to keep

MOTOPOWER MP0609-UK 3.1Amp Motorcycle USB Charger for Phone

Fitting a USB charger is a very simple job and all you need to be careful about is that the routing of the cables doesn't interfere with the bike's steering action at all. This is a real no-brainer bolt-on.

5. Scottoiler vSystem automatic motorcycle chain lubrication system

Best product for tourers


Remembering to lube your bike's drive chain is a right old drag and if it doesn't have a centre

Scottoiler vSystem automatic motorcycle chain lubrication system

However if you neglect the lube your chain's life will be dramatically reduced and as well as costing you to replace it, that could see it snapping, stranding you and possibly even causing damage to the bike itself. Scottoiler's automatic lube system is a brilliant product that takes all the strain out of lubing your chain.

Once fitted to the bike it uses a vacuum to control a flow of oil onto the chain, keeping it continually lubed and increasing its life expectancy. The reservoir of oil (which can be refilled) should last approximately 1400 miles and it is a universal fit with Scottoiler supplying model-specific fitment guides. A benchmark product and one that most riders should fit to their bikes – unless you have a shaft drive.

6. R&G Racing rear shock tube

Best for value


The problem with shock absorbers is that they are located right next to the rear wheel and as a

R&G Racing rear shock tube

A shock cover is a neoprene waterproof cover that zips around your shock, protecting it from the grime and ensuring it is kept nice and clean within. If you can't work out how to fit one of these then you'll probably struggle to do up your own flies.

7. Ultimateaddons Waterproof Tough IPX5 Case for iPhone

Best phone holder


With smartphones costing a small fortune nowadays, ensuring they are kept safe and sound while you

Ultimateaddons Waterproof Tough IPX5 Case for iPhone

The case clips shut around the phone and there are access points for a headphone cable and charge point while the screen is touch-sensitive so you can still use the phone while it is within the case.

Attached to the bike by one of a variety of mounts (which need to be purchased separately) once clipped into the mount the case is held extremely securely in position and can be rotated if you wish.

8. GoGravel BMW R1200GS & R1250GS side stand foot enlarger

Best for campers


An accessory that is so simple it is genius, the GoGravel side stand enlarger gives your bike's

GoGravel B.M.W R1200GS & R1250GS side stand foot enlarger

If you are planning on taking your bike on camping holidays, a side stand enlarger is a must to avoid opening your tent in the morning to see your pride and joy on its side. It requires no specialist tools to fit and is available (or a similar product is available) for a wide range of motorcycles.

The important questions

Is it road legal?

Add-ons that alter the position of certain items such as indicators or change the colour of lights etc. may make your bike non-road legal and fail its MOT, so check before you buy.

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

Insurance companies may need to know if you have altered your bike’s physical appearance or performance, so check before you buy. An alarm may reduce your premium however a loud exhaust pipe may increase it slightly.

Will it fit?

Ensure the product will fit your specific make and model of bike. Just because it fits one year of bike doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit all of them as there are often huge variations between motorcycle updates.

Can I fit it?

Some accessories require a specialist to fit them. If you are in doubt, don’t risk it, pay a professional instead.

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