Best water repellent sprays for your motorcycle helmet visor

Give rain the run-off with these water repellent sprays.

Riding Suzuki SV650X on the road in heavy rain

by Justin Hayzelden |

There are many people who despise riding in the rain but call me strange – I rather like it. If I know it’s going to happen and I’ve got the right kit on, then I like the sensation of being insulated from the dreadful conditions outside and cocooned inside waterproof gear.

One thing that can be a pain though is vision. Paradoxically, heavy rain can be one of the easiest situations to deal with, as copious amounts of water tends to run off the visor easily. However, it can be spray – and in particular, fine misting – that can cause issues.

For most helmets and bike combinations, a quick turn of the head and the windblast will push any water on the visor away, so you can see clearly. But at lower speeds, such as in town or heavy traffic, this may not be enough and you could do with a helping hand. That’s where a water repellent can come in handy.

Apply it to your visor and it will help prevent the water from sticking and make it easier to clear, either by the windblast or with a quick wipe of a glove.

A must-have for all-weather bikers

VEE Wipe

OK, so this isn't a spray. The spray version IS available from Amazon if you can't bear squirting

Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent

The Nikwax pump-spray product is water-based and has impressive ecological credentials;

Nikwax Visor Proof

Environmentally friendly product designed for visors, goggles or windscreens. Spray on and let it

Molecule Rain Repel

Claimed to be animal-friendly and biodegradable, this product from Pro-Green MX (motocross) is

Pro-Green Rainaway

Not specifically a visor water repellent, this coating from R&G is designed for all areas of the

R&G Nano Coating

Storm produces a wide range of waterproofing and repellence products for lots of activities,

Storm Rain Repel

When RiDE tested rain repellents, this was the best performing product in the test. It cleared

Ipone Visor Rainoff

Strikingly similar to the Storm product - same size, same bottle, very similar instructions, same

Bike It Visor Rain Repellent

How does it work?

Most sprays work by creating a hydrophobic layer on the outside of the visor; this lowers the surface tension of the water and prevents it ‘clinging’ on to the plastic and makes it easier to remove. The products also fill in the microscopic peaks and troughs in the material to further reduce the adhesion at the surface.

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While for a long time, products for glass were tentatively used on plastic visors, many disapproved, claiming that they would eventually make the plastic brittle. However, the chances are that a visor would need replacing long before it would be in danger of becoming damaged by glass-based products. But now, there are plenty of water-repellent sprays for plastics and in particular, helmet visors so you don’t need to worry about causing problems further down the line.

It’s also worth noting that products that are effective on helmet visors will also be effective on bike screens – this could be useful if you have a large standard or aftermarket screen that you end up looking through rather than over.

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