Best upgrades to make your motorcycle more comfortable

There are plenty of ways you can improve your comfort on your bike

Rider enjoying the comfort of a Ducati Desert Sled

by Jim Blackstock |

Much as we love motorcycling, there are times when things get a little uncomfortable.

Holding the throttle steady at 70mph on a long motorway journey can make the wrist ache, for example, and some bikes can set up vibrations that make fingers tingle.

Many bikes use seats that are fine for a short ride but spend more than a couple of hours in the saddle and you can end up with the dreaded ‘numb bum’ syndrome, so that may need addressing.

Winter motorcycling can mean cold hands which are both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, especially if you can’t feel the bike properly and can distract from concentrating on riding.

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Luckily, there are aftermarket solutions to almost all of the comfort-related issues that you might encounter on your bike. Some are very simple while others involve a bit more fitting but all should help to improve comfort and have you yearning for more miles, not the need to get off the bike.

Here is a selection of products to help you carry on riding...

1. Atlas Throttle Lock


Holding the throttle at a steady setting on long journeys can become tiring u2013 thatu2019s why

Atlas Throttle Lock

A push-button design, it uses friction to overcome the strength of the throttle return spring, effectively holding the throttle at a set opening though it can easily be closed. I’ve used it and it’s very good on a bike with no cruise control.


Reduce fatigue

Prevent wrist ache

Easy to fit and use


Maintains throttle position, not speed

2. Oxford Throttle Assist


Another method to remove strain from the right wrist on long, steady-speed journeys, this wrist

Oxford Throttle Assist


Rest the wrist

Reduce strain and fatigue

Increases comfort


May get in the way of the grip

3. Gel Seat Cushion


Many motorcycle seats are built to suit a certain size and weight of rider and if you are slightly

Gel Seat Cushion

This gel pad sits inside a mesh pouch to promote airflow and helps to provide a softer seat for you. The cover is fixed to the bike’s saddle with straps underneath and the gel pad goes inside.


Mesh cover promotes airflow

Gel insert improves comfort

Waterproof cover


Disconnected feeling from bike in corners

4. ComfortAir Cushion


Designed to do a similar job to a gel cushion, this inflatable cushion from ComfortAir can be

ComfortAir Cushion

The ComfortAir cushion is available in four designs; this adventure/sport version, a tourer design, one for cruisers and a universal one for off-road style bikes or pillions. Blow the cushion up for long rides then deflate for connection with the bike when cornering.


Improve comfort

Use for long rides of corners

Set own firmness


Increase seat height

5. Oxford Hotgrips


For many, riding in winter is as enjoyable as in summer but you do need to make sure youu2019re

Oxford Hotgrips

They replace the original grips and wire into the battery, with nine heat settings. They also have a power-saving mode so they don’t drain the battery.


Keep your hands warm

Sets for different bikes

Direct replacement for original grips


Become addictive in winter

6. Bike It Bar-End Weights


If your bike is one of those with handlebars that seems to pick up vibrations at cruising speeds,

Bike It Bar-End Weights

Adding heavier bar-end weights to the ends of the handlebars can often help alleviate some of these vibrations, by changing the nature of the bars and the vibes that are set up at speed. Simple to fit, they can have a big effect.


Easy to fit

Can remove or reduce bar vibrations

Can clean-up look of bars


May interfere with bar-end mirrors

7. Universal Spoiler


Sometimes, you simply cannot get the right position for the standard u2013 or even aftermarket

Universal Spoiler

But with an adjustable spoiler, you can tailor the airflow exactly how you want it; over your head, on your face or even on your chest – it’s up to you. This version fits any screen and clamps on so there’s no need to drill holes.


Tailor air flow

Universal fitment

No need to drill holes


Still needs a main screen to fit

8. Held Tailpack


If you need to carry some gear with you, you could use a rucksack or larger item of luggage but

Held Tailpack

It is sturdy, doesn’t move around on the bike and comes with a fully waterproof cover. I’ve used it and it is impressive.


Large capacity

Waterproof cover

Quick to fit and release


Temptation to over-pack

Find more motorcycle luggage options here

9. Universal Bar Risers


If your bike feels like the handlebars are too far away or are too low (or both) then a set of bar

Universal Bar Risers

The fit to the top of the yoke and the bars fit into them with these ones a universal fitting for bars 28mm in diameter. Just be aware that you may need to re-route or extend the pipework for brakes and wiring for the bar switches to fit these.


Can improve comfort

Bring bars higher or closer

Easy to fit


May need cables and hoses re-routing or elongating

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