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Get off your knees and rest easy while you work on the bike with these workshop seats

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by Jim Blackstock |

If you have an elevating table, working on your motorcycle is so much easier than at ground level. However, they can still mean you need to get on your knees for certain jobs – working on brakes or changing oil, for example.

With the typical demographic of today’s motorcyclist, knees are perhaps one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, so anything that helps preserve them is a good thing. That’s why kneeling on the ground or clambering underneath the bike is best avoided and a workshop seat can help to do that.

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We’re not talking about jobs that involve just your feet poking out from under the bike; that’s an image reserved for owners of classic cars. No, we’re talking about something you can use to take the weight off your knees and sit on while you work on the bike. A workshop seat to make life that bit more comfortable.

So here is a selection of ways to take a load off and stay comfy while you work on the bike.

1. Neilsen Padded Seat


Not a lot of money for a basic workshop seat; this padded seat on a metal frame and casters will

Neilsen Padded Seat

The casters allow you to move around to get that spanner you suddenly need but you will need to put it together before you use it.


Basic but effective

Padded seat

Huge weight capacity


None we can think of

2. BikeTek Jumbo


The Jumbo creeper from BikeTek is designed for the larger technician or user and is made from

BikeTek Jumbo

It also comes with a clip-on drink holder – in case your bench is just too far away – and is easy to put together.


Huge capacity

Cup holder

Storage tray



3. ToolHub Folding Mat


A variation on a theme; this folding foam mat from ToolHub features six joined sections that can

ToolHub Folding Mat

Seems a lot for some foam, you can’t move it around like the others and it doesn’t seem as high but an interesting idea.


Three items in one

Simple concept

No assembly required



4. BikeTek Pneumatic Creeper


Another creeper seat from BikeTek, this one features a pneumatic ram under the circular padded

BikeTek Pneumatic Creeper

It still has four casters to allow movement and a tool tray under the seat and the pneumatic ram gives a maximum seat height of around 55cm from the ground.


Adjustable seat height

Padded seat

Tool tray



5. CG Professional


Almost £100 is a lot of money for a creeper seat but this one packs a bit more to it. In addition

CG Professional

This means if you spend a lot of time moving around bikes up on tables, then this will prevent repeated trips to the tool chest for essential hardware.


Tool-storage drawers


Padded seat


Need to use it constantly to get value

6. BikeTek Creeper


Itu2019s back to basics with this creeper from BikeTek through Sportsbikeshop. Itu2019s a simple

BikeTek Creeper


Simple and effective

Four casters

Optimum seat height


Seems expensive

7. Beta Folding Creeper


If you work on cars as well as bikes, then this might be the ticket to cover both work areas.

Beta Folding Creeper

The seat height comes out at around 42cm – perfect for working on the bike on a table off the ground.


Works as a seat or prone

Respected manufacturer

Well made


Flexibility little use for motorcycle mechanics

8. Powerbuilt Roller


This plasticised steel rolling seat seems to be designed for not just mechanics but detailers too,

Powerbuilt Roller

The rubberised casters should roll well and the 35cm high seat seems to be a good height, but the non-padded top section could get uncomfortable after a while and the pricetag seems high.


Easy to assemble

Useful underseat storage

Rubber caster wheels


Non-padded seat

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