Top screwdriver sets

No home mechanic’s arsenal is complete without a good set of screwdrivers.

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by Jim Blackstock |

In building a toolkit to use at home to look after your motorcycle, once you have sourced a socket set and spanners, then a screwdriver set is probably the next most essential component that you will need.

There are, of course, lots of different types of screws, from flat-heads to those with star-shaped Torx fittings and lots in between. However, a starter set should include the basics and get you going, whether you are looking to change a lightbulb or rebuild a set of carburettors.

In addition to the different types of fittings that will be accessible from various screwdrivers, there are also several types of screwdrivers themselves, from precision items to pound-through that can be used to deliver impact to stubborn fixings.

You may also find that an electric screwdriver is a useful addition to your toolbox as well; you may not need the turning force but it will certainly make removing multiple screws just that little bit easier on the wrist.

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A quick note on cross-head screwdrivers. There are two types; Phillips head and Pozidriv. They look the same at first glance but aren’t. A Phillips head is a straightforward four-point drive though it is designed so that the screwdriver or drive bit will come out of the screw before the screw itself fails.

A Pozidriv, on the other hand, is designed not to come out and deliver as much torque as possible. A Phillips head looks like a four-point drive but a Pozidriv has a slimmer drive edge between the four main points.

A Phillips driver will work in a Pozidriv screw but not correctly the other way round. So ideally, you should choose a set of screwdrivers or bits that include both kinds of drive bits but if not, then go for Phillips as they will work across more fasteners.

Top screwdriver sets

1. Rolson 9-Piece Screwdriver Set


Containing the basics to get you going, this nine-piece set from Rolson comprises five flat-head

Rolson 9-Piece Screwdriver Set

2. Stanley 34-Piece Screwdriver Set

Best value for money


This 34-piece set of Stanley screwdrivers is Amazonu2019s Choice and for good reason; Stanley is a

Stanley 34-Piece Screwdriver Set

3. Stanley Six-Way Screwdriver Kit


If youu2019ve lost the toolkit that came with your bike and youu2019re looking for something

Stanley Six-Way Screwdriver Kit

4. Neilsen Go-Through Screwdriver Set


If you need a bit more force with your screwdrivers, then this go-through kit from Neilsen can

Neilsen Go-Through Screwdriver Set

5. Rothenburger Long-Reach Screwdrivers


In most kits of screwdrivers, you usually get a stubby screwdriver; one with a short handle and

Rothenburger Long-Reach Screwdrivers

6. Silverline S Drivers


You might only ever need these offset screwdrivers once or twice but when you do need them, they

Silverline S Drivers

7. Amazon Basics Drive Set


A set of drive bits and a single handle is a really useful addition to any toolbox and this

Amazon Basics Drive Set

8. Hychika Cordless Electric Screwdriver


If you have lots of screws to fit or undo or just need a little more grunt to get stubborn screws

Hychika Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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