Best portable and onboard motorcycle toolkits

Sometimes you just need a few tools with you on your ride

Motorbike repairs with a toolkit

by Jim Blackstock |

There are times when you need some tools with you on a ride. It might be a day out or a long tour but somewhere along the line you might need to do a little fettling.

We’re not talking about a full-on service or repair here but perhaps you need to pop one or two bits of bodywork off to check a level or re-route some wiring.

Maybe you need to connect or disconnect an accessory from the battery. Perhaps you need to make some repairs to your camping gear. Something that will mean more than your bike’s original tool kit can offer.

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In any of these cases, a small tool kit or a multi-tool will be invaluable. You won’t be able to remove the rear wheel or change a spare plug, for example but you will be able to undo screws or the battery terminals. You’ll also be able to trim guy ropes or get boy scouts out of horses hooves...

Whether you’re after an all-in-one multi tool or a more conventional – yet small and portable – toolkit, here are some good options to take with you.

'A must for off road riders!'

Tested by Simon Relph for 1 year

Every bike I have I put together a small but compressive

Cruz DMX Fender mount tool kit

This handy toolkit from motorcycle kit giants Oxford has all the basics you're likely to need

Oxford Toolkit Pro

This kit may have limited abilities but in an emergency, you may just find it sorts you out. It

Bike It Emergency Toolkit

Surely no-one needs to be introduced to the name Black & Decker, one of the oldest tool

Black & Decker Tool Roll

Another selection of tools from Oxford Products, this time housed in a roll-up tool roll as

Oxford Toolstash

This kit from Sealey is pretty similar to that from Oxford and is made by the renowned tool

Sealey Underseat Kit

So this kit from Hi-Spec might be a little bulky to keep with you on a day-to-day ride but you

Hi-Spec Tool Kit

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