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Improve the look and feel of your bike with some new levers

Operating a motorcycle clutch lever

by Jim Blackstock |

One of the most tactile, touchy-feely parts of your bike are its control levers, for the front brake and clutch. But it’s also true that they’re one of the most vulnerable components in even a low-speed crash meaning that at some point, you may need to get replacement ones.

At the same time, it’s also true that standard levers can be fairly plain; they often come without span adjusters, preventing you from tuning them to fit just-so while there are also lots of fancy aftermarket alternatives available, too.

You can get cool-looking anodised coloured ones; ones with span adjusters; ‘shorty’ ones designed to be used just with your first two fingers as is particularly applicable to MX and dirt bikes; one that ‘fold’ so are less likely to break in a topple and much, much more.

But which should you go for? Here’s our current pick of a cross-section of what’s available, what you get and how much they cost – but be warned: it’s also vital that you get as high quality and reputable ones as possible and ones that are specifically designed for your bike.

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Go for something unsuitable and you risk not only affecting the operation of your brakes and clutch but also, if the fit is not perfect, overlooked effects, such as non-operation of the brake light switch or interfering with the quick-shifter (if fitted) can happen.

1. ASV Short Lever Set


ASV is one of the bigger brands supplying aftermarket levers and these shorty levers are a typical

ASV Short Lever Set

They’re foldable to prevent breakage in the event of a crash and these ones are designed to fit 22mm handlebars. There’s a huge choice available so be sure to get the right ones for your bike.



Reasonably affordable

Great for pit and smaller bikes


Not the most sophisticated

2. Bike It OEM Replacement


Proof that a replacement lever doesnu2019t always have to fancy and flashy. If youu2019re just

Bike It OEM Replacement

This one’s a clutch lever for the Suzuki V-Strom. If you want a matching brake lever that’s extra. And, as before, it’s vital that you get the correct levers for your bike.


Like-for-like replacement

Great value

Decent ratings


Not really an upgrade

3. Rizoma Ducati Brake Lever


Italian brand Rizoma is considered pure royalty when it comes to replacement motorcycle levers as

Rizoma Ducati Brake Lever

Usually specific to a particular bike, they’re super high-quality, available in either black or polished alloy, are foldable to prevent breakage, have a neat Ducati logo and come in a wide variety of styles and specifications. This one isn’t the most sophisticated but is a decent example of their quality.


One of the very best

Proven reputation

As used by many race teams


The hefty price

4. Hi-Q Replacement Clutch Lever


Another example of a decent quality, well-rated straight pattern replacement for your original

Hi-Q Replacement Clutch Lever

For complete peace of mind we’d always recommend genuine spares but this example has plenty of good ratings and is at an unmissable price – just make sure you get the right one for your bike.


Brilliant price

Looks identical to original

Highly rated


Not genuine OE

5. MZS Lever Set


Another fairly popular, affordable and stylish aftermarket lever brand, this time made in China

MZS Lever Set

They’re CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium, are very light and stylish and come with six-way span adjustment and have an eye-grabbing, contrasting black/red anodised finish. These ones are compatible with Honda’s CBR and CB650 and its NC700/750 series so make sure you get the right ones for your bike.


Stylish design

Plenty of options/fitments

Reasonable value


Lesser-known brand

6. Bad Dog Clutch Lever


Another well-rated lever upgrade, this time from the Bad Dog brand. The range is CNC machined from

Bad Dog Clutch Lever

This one is specific to a variety of Suzuki models so check you’re getting the right ones plus the price is just for one lever, not a set.


Quality finish


Variety of styles and fitments


Not the cheapest

7. Oxford Premium Lever Guard


Not, strictly speaking replacement levers, but instead an accessory worth considering when

Oxford Premium Lever Guard

They are now commonplace throughout track racing and we’d also recommend them on sportsbikes, especially if likely to do trackdays (they are compulsory at most UK events).

These guards from UK brand Oxford are a quality option. There’s a universal fit design, are in lightweight, CNC-milled aluminium and are stylish and well made.


Sensible safety addition

Reputable brand

Quality construction


Arguably OTT for the road

8. Renthal Intelilever Clutch Lever


Hereu2019s a fancy one thatu2019s definitely an upgrade. From highly-respected UK brand Renthal,

Renthal Intelilever Clutch Lever

They also have a slick span adjuster and are very high quality, CNC machined from 6082-T6 alloy.


Quality brand

Novel dislocate feature

Fabulous quality


Quite pricey

9. Ride It Shorty Levers


Another typical aftermarket offering, this time by Ride It, which also gets pretty good ratings

Ride It Shorty Levers

These ones are specific to Honda’s brilliant MSX125 Grom bike and, with their colour-matched red anodising, pit-bike style shorty design and span adjustability, are perfect for the job, giving the bike both a styling and function upgrade – just be sure to get the ones for the right model of bike so that they operate correctly


Funky style


Variety of fits and colours


Only middling value

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