Best motorcycle indicator upgrades

Upgrade your indicators for safety, visibility and individuality

Indicator upgrades

by Jim Blackstock |

A motorcycle’s indicators are hardly the stuff of legend or discussion; you will rarely get another biker coming up to you at a bike meet or a bacon-butty stop to ask where you got them or how you find they perform.

However, they can be a quick and easy way to improve your visibility to other road users – which can only be a good thing – and add a degree of individuality to your bike at the same time.

Replacing traditional indicator bulbs with LED versions will typically offer brighter and faster-reacting indicators with less power drain on the bike’s battery.

They also mean you can add dynamic indicators, which illuminate sequentially to add an extra dimension to both coolness and safety – sequential indicators can be more visible than simple flashing ones.

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One thing to consider when fitting LED indicators is that some may require additional resistors to be fitted to achieve the correct flashing rate, otherwise they may flash too fast or draw too much current and damage themselves. Some may have the right resistance built-in but it’s something to consider.

Here is a selection of indicator upgrades for your motorcycle.

1. OPL5 Arrow Sequential LED


These replacement indicators come in pairs and are Amazonu2019s Choice for u2018Motorcycle

OPL5 Arrow Sequential LED

They are direct replacements for LED indicators but a resistor is needed for bikes with original halogen lights.

Resistor required? Yes, for non-LED replacement

2. Bike-It Arrow


These traditional halogen-style indicators from Bike-It come in two finishes u2013 black for

Bike-It Arrow

They are direct replacements for normal indicators and the housings feature a cut-out on the rear so that you can see when they are illuminating – useful to remind you they are on in case it’s hard to see the dash tell-tale. The fitting uses an M8 thread and they come pre-wired, with bullet connectors.

Resistor required? No, halogen operation

3. Justech Sequential LED


This set of four indicators uses a genuine sequential flashing system, with the 12 individual LED

Justech Sequential LED

Their slimline design should suit many bikes though, for those using traditional bulbs as standard, they will need external resistors fitting or a specific relay to control the illumination time.

Resistor required? Yes, for non-LED replacement

4. Barkbuster LEDs


These LED strips form Barkbuster are designed to be fitted to the companyu2019s handguards for an

Barkbuster LEDs

They can be fitted to the upper surface of the Jet guards and the upper and lower surfaces of the VPS and Storm guards. They are supplied with a huge 700mm cable and will require external resistors (sold separately) if they are replacing halogen-style indicators.

Resistor required? Yes, for non-LED replacement

5. Mini LEDs


These tiny LED units get great reviews online and are designed to be fitted to handlebar-lever

Mini LEDs

Each contains six individual LED chips and come in either matt black or a chrome finish, making them perfect for sportsbikes and cruisers or customs alike. They come pre-wired with 500mm of cable and bullet connectors.

Resistor required? Yes, for non-LED replacement

6. Oxford Nano


These replacement LED indicators from British brand Oxford come in a pair and are tiny, measuring

Oxford Nano

They are sealed for life and produce a super-bright light, are vibrations-resistant and come complete with resistors for use with non-LED bikes.

Resistor required? Included

7. Universal 5050 Strips


These universal fit LED strips are just that u2013 they are designed to fit anything and be

Universal 5050 Strips

They are available in either six LED unit lengths or with nine individual chips, are self-adhesive so they will stick wherever you want and are waterproof. They will connect directly to original LED indicator wiring but will need resistors for halogen-style wiring to achieve the correct flash rate.

Resistor required? Yes, for non-LED replacement

8. Bike-It Fairing Indicators


This pair of fairing-mounted indicators can be used to replace those on stalks for a smoother,

Bike-It Fairing Indicators

They can be fitted to the bike using self-adhesive pads, screws or bolts. Can be used as replacements or as additional units on luggage, for example.

Resistor required? No

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