Best motorcycle degreasers

Get things shining bright with these spray-on degreasers.

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by Jim Blackstock |

No matter how scrupulously clean you keep your bike, there will come a time when you need to clean something that is particularly filthy or has a build-up of old oil or grease.

When that time comes, bike wash won’t do it and don’t even think about dipping a rag into the petrol tank – this isn’t 1975…

What you need is a decent degreaser and if it’s in a spray can, then even better – you can stay away from the grime while you apply the product and then if necessary, get involved with a brush before using the spray to remove the remaining traces.

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Some degreasers are water-soluble, so you can simply rinse your components off with water once you have degreased them but they may need more than one application, as the water solubility can decrease their effectiveness at removing grease and oil.

Here is a selection of top motorbike degreasers.


Best for ease of use


Itu2019s no surprise potion specialists WD-40 make an effective degreaser and this fast-acting

WD-40 Fast-acting Degreaser


Instant action

Handy aerosol can

Attached spray straw


May be small for large jobs

2. Gunk Brush-on

Best for brushing on


Riders of a certain age will inevitably have used Gunk at some point in their lives. Younger

Gunk Brush-on


Good value

Great at breaking up stubborn grease

Formulation good for vertical surfaces


Needs decanting for use with brush or spray gun

3. Muc-Off Biodegradable

Best biodegradable


Oil and grease can be fairly unpleasant substances so something that removes them can often be

Muc-Off Biodegradable


Rinsable with water


Handy spray application


As environmentally friendly, may need multiple applications

4. Oxford Mint

Best smelling degreaser


This degreaser from kit and accessory giant Oxford is designed to dissolve and remove oil and

Oxford Mint


Easy to apply

Rise off with water

Smells good


May need repeated applications

5. Morris Workshop Pro

Best all-rounder


This degreaser from British lubricant giant Morris is pink so you can see where you have applied

Morris Workshop Pro


Water soluble for rinsing

Solvent based to break down oil and grease



Can’t think of any

6. Swarfega Jizer


Anyone who has ever worked on a car or bike knows all about Swarfega hand cleaner; it is legendary

Swarfega Jizer


Use on almost all bike surfaces

Water soluble

Also available in brushable version


Fairly hefty safety warnings

7. XCP Pro Parts Cleaner


XCP Professional has a fierce reputation when it comes to motorcycle potions u2013 their corrosion

XCP Pro Parts Cleaner



Great pedigree

Works on all oils and grease


Need to wipe off – can’t rinse with water

8. Putoline Degreaser

Best all-in-one


This degreaser from Putoline has been specifically designed for use on any motorcycle parts,

Putoline Degreaser


Water soluble

Combats all oil and grease

Safe for all bike surfaces


Light so runs off easily

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