Top eco-friendly motorbike cleaners

Look after your bike – and the environment – with these eco-friendly cleaning products

Applying a motorcycle cleaner with a spray bottle

by Jim Blackstock |

We all want to keep our bikes clean. Not only is it the best way to pride and joy looking its best but it’s an important part of its maintenance schedule and a vital way to ensure it’s performing to its best ability, too.

But these days, it’s increasingly important to look after the environment too, and many traditional cleaning products, by being solvent or acid-based, can be potentially disastrous here, not just to drains and the water systems, but to the atmosphere and in terms of packaging as well.

Which is where the new breed of ‘eco-friendly’ automotive cleaning products, many of them specifically designed for use on motorcycles, come in.

These are often alkaline or water-based, so pose no threat to the environment, are available with refills, so have potentially less waste packaging and are often designed to tackle specific cleaning tasks on your bike.

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But what, exactly, is out there? What do they do, what are they made of and what do you get for your money? Here’s our pick of some of the best currently available to help you choose...

1. Midchem Cleaner


This cleaner from Midchem is water-based, is biodegradable, uses citrus oil and is intended to be

Midchem Cleaner

It can be used neat for particularly stubborn debris or diluted for less hardcore muck and to go a longer way. It is acid and caustic-free and can be used by professionals, industry and regular bikers alike.


Citrus based


Good value


Unfamiliar brand

2. Proper Cleaner Motorcycle Cleaner Starter Pack


This cleaning solution comes from ex-TT racer and TV star Guy Martin and is a novel design in

Proper Cleaner Motorcycle Cleaner Starter Pack

It’s claimed to be fully biodegradable as again it’s alkaline based with no acids, solvents or CFCs, is even friendlier to the environment by not shipping around unnecessary water and is designed and made in the UK.


From Guy Martin

‘Mix your own’ design

Easily applied


Not as proven as some

3. Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner


This, from highly reputable cleaning-product brand Muc-Off, is specifically designed to tackle the

Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner

It is suitable for all types of bike both on and off-road, won’t damage rubber or alloy (so is suitable for all types of chain, including O, X and Z-ring types), is fully water soluble and biodegradable so is friendly to the environment. It even comes with a lush watermelon fragrance – what’s not to like?


Respected brand

Easy to use

Watermelon fragrance


Not the cheapest (but not bad)

4. Putoline Biodegradable Action Cleaner


Putoline is another leading brand specialising in motorcycle lubricants and cleaning product with

Putoline Biodegradable Action Cleaner

This means it has the added benefit of therefore also not damaging any glue in the filter (as it’s not solvent-based) and by cleaning the filter, ensures a longer service life for both the filter and your bike’s engine.


Reputable brand

Extends the life of your air filter and engine

Easy to use


A little pricier than some

5. Dirtbusters u2018Bio Bikeu2019 Cleaner And Chain Degreaser Double Pack


This double pack from bicycle and motorcycle cleaning specialists Dirtbusters comprises a

Dirtbusters u2018Bio Bikeu2019 Cleaner And Chain Degreaser Double Pack

Both contain what they call ‘muck munching microbes and enzymes for powerful eco-friendly cleaning’ and are suitable for all types of bikes and motorbike. Although not as well known as others, they’re well rated.


Double pack

Well rated

Simply spray on and wash off


Not as well-known as some

6. Motul E2 Moto Wash


This specialist bike-cleaning spray is from well-respected, leading French petrochemicals,

Motul E2 Moto Wash

It’s easy to use; is claimed to remove dirt and protects against corrosion, is usable on all surfaces and is biodegradable. It gets very good ratings from users, as well. Simply spray, wait, agitate slightly for stubborn dirt and rinse off.


Leading brand

Simple to apply

Usable on all surfaces


Refills not available

7. Muc-Off Nano-Tech Biodegradable Motorcycle Cleaner, 5-Litres


This is the larger pack version of Muc-Offu2019s highly rated biodegradable motorcycle cleaning

Muc-Off Nano-Tech Biodegradable Motorcycle Cleaner, 5-Litres

The nano-technology bit refers to its claim to break down dirt on a molecular level; its alkaline-based formula is free of all acids, solvents and CFCs so is fully biodegradable; its famous pink fluid is safe on all surfaces and, in this economy pack form, is great value, too!


Highly rated

Refill-pack value

Other sizes available


Doesn’t come with spray dispenser

8. Silkolene Pro Wash, 1 Litre


This environmentally aware, biodegradable spray cleaner was specially developed for all types of

Silkolene Pro Wash, 1 Litre

Again, it’s effective on all surfaces, too, and being alkaline based and biodegradable, inflicts no harm on the environment whatsoever.


Respected brand

Easy to apply and rinse off

Specially developed for bikes


Refills not available

9. Muc-Off Bio Degreaser Spray, 500ml


Another biodegradable, eco-friendly product from Muc-Off. Distinct from the same companyu2019s

Muc-Off Bio Degreaser Spray, 500ml

It’s claimed to cut through the toughest of grime, including waterproof grease and lube residue leaving your bike chain running smooth and it’s easy to spray on, leave, then rinse off so takes no time at all to use. Best of all, it’s fully-biodegradable so is completely friendly towards the environment.


Aimed at performance bikes

Spray-on, rinse-off design

Highly rated by buyers


Aerosol type so not refillable

10. Liquid Moly Cleaner


This German-branded cleaner is one of the most respected in the business, dating back almost 60

Liquid Moly Cleaner

It comes with its own spray bottle dispenser with refill packs available, is alkaline based, as are many others, so contains no environmentally harmful solvents or acids, and is easily applied, left, agitated as required and then rinsed off.


Proven and respected brand

Refills available

Easy to apply


Not the cheapest

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