The best rust prevention products for your motorcycle

Keep your bike looking like new and ward off corrosion with these rust-beating products.

the best rust-prevention products for motorcycles

by John Urry |

Rust is the enemy of the motorcyclist, especially if you ride all year round, whatever the weather. Once corrosion sets in it is extremely hard to get rid of and can make a once beautiful machine look decidedly second-hand in a remarkably short space of time. But help is at hand with a variety of rust prevention products.

Rust-prevention sprays are a simple and effective way to ward off corrosion before it sets in. A quick application of rust-prevention spray (taking care to avoid getting it on the brake discs) should ensure that the metal parts stay rust-free, the plated areas resist corrosion and furring up and fasteners remain unseized.

So which are the best rust-prevention products on the market? Here are our favourites.

The best rust prevention products

1. Scottoiler FS 365

Best for value


A blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water which together are claimed

FS 365 - Complete Bike Protector

2. WD-40

Best all rounder


WD-40 (which actually stands for Water Displacement) is a multi-purpose product, that as well as

WD-40 Original Spray Can

3. Muc-Off 909 Bike Protect

The best rust prevention for post-wash use


We've featured a lot of Muc-Off products here before and with good reason u2013 they work, and the

Muc-Off 909 Bike Protect

4. SDoc S-Doc 100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant

Easiest to apply


Claimed to seal metal components against rust by displacing any moisture and then lubricating the

SDoc S-Doc 100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant

5. ACF-50 Motorcycle And Automotive All Metal Anti-Corrosion Spray

Best against salt corrosion


Claimed by its manufacturers to contain a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion/lubrication compound,

ACF-50 Motorcycle And Automotive All Metal Anti-Corrosion Spray

6. XCP Rust Blocker - High Performance Rust Protection Spray

Best protection for your money


Marketed as a soft, anti-corrosive compound, XCP Professional Rust Blocker creates a soft,

XCP Rust Blocker - High Performance Rust Protection Spray

7. TechCote Anti Corrosion Spray

A good alternative


Getting good reviews on the SportsBikeShop website, TechCote ACS (Anti Corrosion Spray) displaces

TechCote Anti Corrosion Spray

What is rust?

Rust is iron oxide and is the result of the oxidation, or corrosion, of iron. To form, rust requires three ingredients – iron, oxygen (in the air) and moisture (water). Remove either the air or moisture and it can’t form, which is what rust-preventers attempt to do in the absence of paint or a protective finish. Salt makes rust worse as salt water is a better conductor of electricity so the electrolysis reaction that causes corrosion takes place much faster.

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