Best motorcycle bodywork add-ons

Additions to help protect you and your precious motorcycle.

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by Jim Blackstock |

All motorcycles will protect the rider – and, to an extent, themselves – from inclement weather.

Of course, manufacturers spend a lot of time and energy trying to make the bike protect the rider as much as possible from the conditions but when the bike has to cater for all shapes and sizes of rider, from skinny to ample; from short to tall then inevitably, there will be compromises.

And the same is true for the bike; a naked roadster may be great fun across country lanes but the associated wind-blast would soon become tiring if you were to tackle a hundred-mile motorway dash.

So while your bike may have an adjustable screen, for example, there will be a limit to how much wind it can keep of you. The front mudguard may keep some of the wet weather away from the screen but it may allow the front of the engine to get filthy and the rear guard may let too much crud build up on the shock, leading to the beginnings of corrosion in the smaller nooks and crannies.

But adding to your bike’s stock bodywork with some carefully-selected additions can have a huge effect for little outlay.

Ed's note: all the items we've listed below are for a particular bike, but please search Amazon for items for your particular bike.

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