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Get a better view of what’s behind you with these aftermarket motorcycle mirrors and accessories

Using a motorcycle mirror to see what's behind

by Jim Blackstock |

Sometimes, no matter how hard they try, manufacturers can’t get everything right. And something that can be completely dependent on the size and shape of the rider is how well the mirrors work.

Normally placed so that they offer a good view of the road behind for a given size of test rider, they also have to work with the bike’s overall aerodynamics and not contribute to increasing noise at the rider’s helmet, for example. But sometimes, they can’t do it all.

I’ve ridden bikes where the mirrors generate such turbulence and noise that it makes riding it uncomfortable and not something I look forward to.

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I’ve also ridden bikes where the mirrors are so badly positioned and designed that I simply can’t see what is directly behind me without performing Olympic-standard gymnastics. And don’t get me started on mirrors that pick up vibrations from the handlebars.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to improve things, whether it is the look and feel of the bike, your vision or the aerodynamic effects. Here are a few of the options...

1. Mirror Risers


These machined aluminium brackets are designed to relocate your standard bikeu2019s mirrors higher

Mirror Risers

They are available with either an M8 or an M10 thread depending on what your mirrors are and raise the mirrors around 30mm and move them 40mm further out. I used these on a 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 - renowned for mirror-induced wind noise – and they made a massive difference.



Easy to fit



May not work for all bikes

2. Bike It Adapters


This range of mirror adapters from Bike It allows you to fit almost any mirror u2013 whether

Bike It Adapters


Adapt mirrors to bikes

Most common threads offered

Bar clamp version available


None we can think of

3. Myklops Wrist Mirror


Perhaps not the most elegant or permanent solution but this wrist mirror, intended primarily for

Myklops Wrist Mirror


Universal fit

Easy alternative if necessary

Portable – use on any bike


Not very elegant

4. Bike It OEM Replacements


If you need to replace your standard mirrors for whatever reason u2013 they are corroded or

Bike It OEM Replacements

They are available for a huge range of bikes (the example shown is for the BMW F650 and F800 GSs and the R1200GS) but there is no reason that they can’t be changed over for another bike’s for a different style and feel.


Direct replacement for OEM

Great value

Fit another bike with adapters



5. Dreamizer Replacements


There is a huge range of replacement aftermarket mirrors available, depending on both your bike

Dreamizer Replacements

This particular design isn’t huge – the glass is 45mm x 115mm but it will give the bike a sleek, streamlined look and feel. The mirrors are adjustable through 360° and are fitted with flat glass.


Fit most bikes

Reduce glare

Streamlined look


May be small for some

6. Oxford Bar-End Mirrors


A common problem with poorly positioned mirrors is as a rider, you can only see your elbows.

Oxford Bar-End Mirrors

These mirrors replace your bar-end weights and are available in black or silver and are designed for 7/8in/22mm bars. The company also produces different sized versions to give your bike a modern or classic feel.


Relocate mirror for better vision

Change look and feel of the bike

Fit most bikes


Means losing bar-end weights

7. Double Take Adventure


These mirrors from Doubletake are not cheap - £135 is a huge amount of money for two mirrors u2013

Double Take Adventure

They mount using familiar adjustable RAM mount arms with a ball replacing the original mirror and the arm offering a massive range of adjustment, including out of the way for tight off-road trails. The ultimate in visibility and durability.



Huge range of adjustment

Large glass area



8. Bike It Indicator Mirrors


Another offering from Bike It, this time a universal replacement mirror but with an LED indicator

Bike It Indicator Mirrors

They feature an M10 thread, so you may need an adapter depending on your bike and the short arm may not suit all but a neat solution to achieve two objectives in one.


Built-in indicator

Universal fit

Great value


Short arm

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