Best jet motorcycle helmets

Want decent protection but open-face cooling and convenience? You need a jet helmet.

Motorbike rider wearing a jet helmet

by Jim Blackstock |

For many, the feeling of wearing an open-face motorcycle helmet and the liberating sensation that brings is an essential part of riding. However, there are limitations to an open-face helmet, including the very real chance of something impacting your face, which is where jet motorcycle helmets come in.

Based on an open face shell, Jet helmets have a visor that covers the face completely down to the chin and offers a huge field of vision and the ability to enjoy some open-face-style riding while keeping insects and debris out of the face. Great for a combination of cool and calm riding.

The great view, excellent sound-carrying capabilities and that protection to the face make them very popular with commuters and urban riders, particularly on the Continent; you can see hordes of maxi-scooters or small bikes whizzing around the centre of Rome, Madrid or Paris with suited commuters heading off to work, in their work clothes with a jet helmet on and their briefcase strapped to the back.

When it comes to safety ratings, all motorcycle helmets on sale in the UK, including those here, must conform to the standard ECE22.05 and while many full-face and flip-front helmets will have been tested and rated by SHARP, the UK government testing house, open-face helmets are not tested, so you will need to make your choice on the manufacturer, style and fit.

The latter is as important on a jet helmet as it is on any other kind – it should be snug and not move around once done up but should still be comfortable.

Here is a selection of jet-style helmets.

1. LS2 Airflow


This helmet from LS2 is great value at less than £50 and comes with a huge optically correct main

LS2 Airflow

2. AGV K5 Jet


This open-face Jet version of AGV's sporty K5 is available in plain white, black or this Nardo

AGV K5 Jet Nardo Grey

3. Schuberth M1 Pro


The Schuberth P1 Pro is another premium lid from the manufacturer and not only is it designed for

Schuberth M1 Pro

4. Caberg Flyon


The Flyon uses a shell with a composite-fibre construction and a moulded liner with removable

Caberg Flyon

There is a drop-down internal sun visor for bright rides and there are two vents atop the helmet, to create cooling airflow through to the exhaust at the rear. The Flyon is ready for Caberg’s Just Speak Bluetooth comms system.

5. Scorpion Exo City


This stylish jet helmet from Scorpion has been tested in the wind tunnel, according to the

Scorpion Exo City matt black

6. Shoei J-Cruise


According to Shoei, the J-Cruise uses all the features from the manufacturer's range in an

Shoei J-Cruise

7. Shark Citycruiser


The SHARK Citycruiser is very similar to the company's EVOJet, the latter a full flip-front. The

Shark Citycruiser

8. Nolan N21


Formed in polycarbonate, the N21's shell comes in two sizes to offer a good fit for riders and has

Nolan N21

It uses a wide main visor with an internal drop-down sun visor for sunny days though there are no vents on the top of the helmet. It uses ClimaComfort interior padding and there is a helmet lock ring to secure the lid to the bike when not in use.

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