Top enduro motorcycle helmets

Get gnarly brah with these road-legal motocross and enduro-style helmets

Sliding a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro off road

by Jim Blackstock |

If you’re an off-roader, then the chances are that somewhere along the line, you’ll decide you want a proper off-road enduro motorcycle helmet. That’s not to say that adventure-style helmets are not for you – we’ve looked at these before and know that they can be a great compromise between quiet and comfort for long road trips, plus ventilation and space for off-road excursions.

However, if you’re looking for the ultimate in cooling airflow and protection, then a motocross or enduro-style helmet could be right up your byway.

Typically, helmets for both motocross and enduro riding will feature an extended peak to keep the sun out of the eyes, as well as mud and water off the rider’s face and there will be no visor, as goggles would be used to protect the eyes.

The chin piece will be extended to give plenty of breathing room and the benefit of this and no visor means the maximum amount of air to the rider, both for breathing (both forms of riding are very hard work) and for cooling.

If you want to use this kind of helmet on the road, then you’ll need to make sure you get one with ECE22.05 approval – some will be purely for off-road use and some for both on and off-road and for the road, it must conform to 22.05.

So here is a selection of motocross and enduro motorcycle helmets to keep you safe and cool.

1. Viper RSX121


I've tried some of Viper's gear in the past and have been impressed with it so there's no reason

Viper RSX121

2. Fox Racing V1 Lux MIPS


This Fox helmet features a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), designed to reduce

Fox Racing V1 Lux MIPS

3. O'Neal 2SRS Spyde


O'Neal has been producing quality MX and enduro gear for years and this helmet is one of those

Ou2019Neal 2SRS Spyde

4. X-Lite X502 Carbon


This helmet from X-Lite is formed with a carbon shell and is a very serious piece of kit. It comes

X-Lite X502 Carbon

5. Bell Moto 3


A bit of a retro look and feel with this Bell, that will conjure images of 1960s desert racers in

Bell moto 3 stripes



This off-road lid from helmet giant HJC is certified for the road as well as off and uses a

HJC CS-MX II - Ferian Camo

7. Shark Varial


This MX/enduro helmet from French manufacturer SHARK uses a multi-axial glassfibre construction in

Shark Varial

8. Premier Exige


Budget brand Premier has some great designs and this motocross/enduro helmet is one of those. The

Premier Exige

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