A guide to the best women’s motorcycle jackets

With riding season just around the corner, we take a look at some of the best female jackets out there.

women's motorcycle jacket

by Maria Martin |

Choosing a motorcycle jacket is an extremely subjective thing. What one rider may deem appropriate, another rider may grimace at. It all depends on the purpose - let’s face it, an adventure bike rider isn’t going to be looking for the same motorcycle jacket that a sportsbike rider lusts for.

While clothing options for men are enormous and have been for years, that’s not necessarily the case for women. Up until fairly recently, women had little choice but to wear the appropriate size of men’s clothing but this is far from the ideal solution. As it does for men, clothing for female riders needs to be designed and built for female riders, to provide the right fit – and hence, comfort and protection – at all times.

A decade ago, small men’s clothing, possibly with some pink trim added, was the only real option but in those past few years, manufacturers have responded to growing numbers of female riders so that now, most offer versions of their popular clothing in particular which has been designed specifically for women.

Typically, jackets are more tailored to ensure a good fit with no excess material to flap around in the wind while riding or mass-produced sections to feel constrictive. Material technology is the same as with men’s clothing, so CE ratings, for example, should be comparable, as should the specification of armour and protection.

No doubt you’ll have already taken into consideration many factors before even researching for your next motorcycle jacket. If you haven’t and you’d like some inspiration, here are some thought-provoking questions to ask yourself:

• Where do you live? Are you a city rider or a motorway mile-muncher?

• Do you want your jacket purely for off-road adventures?

• Are you looking for a more affordable motorbike jacket (or something really head-turning) because you only ride on weekends?

• Are you a fair-weather rider so durability and wear and tear are further down your list of priorities?

• Do you stick to A or B roads during some of your routes? If so, perhaps wind-buffeting is an issue and will influence your purchase...

• What type of protection are you looking for?

Below, we’ll take you through our pick of motorcycle jackets, tailored for women, which range from sporty riding, to touring, into winter and summer riding.

Check out our guide to the best women's motorcycle jackets you can buy right now:

For the sporty rider

Most probably your choice of motorbike jacket will be influenced by what you ride, so this section is for the R1, ZX-10R, Fireblade, Panigale riders out there.

Shima's Miura jacket is part of a two-piece leather suit (attach the jacket to the leather trousers with connecting zips) and is designed for the sporty or city-street rider in mind. It has DuoLayer protection and comes with CE-approved ArmorPlus back protector insert and shoulder and elbow pads.


Breathable elastic inserts

Ventilation panels

DuoLayer protection

Reflective panels

5 different colours to choose from

Held's Hashiro 2 sport leather jacket is a mid-range priced option, which has breathable mesh lining, ventilation zips and stretch leather on the shoulders, elbows and inner arms. Size-wise, it can come up smaller, so you may want to think about picking a size-up when buying this one.


Full attachment zip short length

EN 1621-1 CE approved soft armour to shoulders and elbow

Held clip-in technology

If you really want to show off and can splash the cash, this Dainese Ladies Riding 3 leather jacket is the one. You can't go wrong with a Dainese jacket, their leather jackets are super soft and comfortable. This jacket is specifically designed for women and has CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection. Plus it looks like the dog's b*llocks.


Compatible with Double Chest protector

Air flow vents on chest and back

Reflective panels

Two zipped pockets for small items

Full length jacket to jeans connection zip

Adjustable waist

Summer riding in mind

When it's hot outside and you can ditch the neck warmers, here's our pick of some of the best women's motorcycle jackets for summertime.

This short length textile jacket from Oxford is perfect for summer riding. It has double vents to the shoulder and one to the back and for when summer showers may surprise you while you're on your two-wheeled pal, there's a waterproof lining. It comes in pink/grey or black and includes a 'Princess seam' down the front.


Rolled neoprene collar with neoprene lining

Double vents on shoulders and back

Subtle reflective panels

Stretch panels at elbows

Adjustable cuff and elasticated waist

Hand-warmer pockets

CE Level 1 protectors in both shoulders and elbows come as standard

For those hotter days, this Spidi jacket has large panels of perforated fabric on the chest, sleeves and back for maximum ventilation. It's also made from highly abrasive resistant fabric and mesh with clips to join to trousers.


Fixed lining

Weighs 1.5kg

Adjustable waist fastening

Punched mesh fabric

Reflex zones for night-riding


If you're planning a trip with your motorbike and you're going to be going across different countries, through different climates, a touring jacket could be ideal for you.

Former MCN Online Editor, Maria Martin tested the Hein Gericke Tuareg Damargo Sheltex jacket for three months and covered 2500 miles in it. Here’s how she found it…

Maria says: "This is my go-to riding jacket and is perfect for our ever-changing UK climate. The jacket comes with six outer pockets, shoulder and elbow protection and removable water and windproof membrane liner. I use this jacket on motorways and have worn it on a trip to France. The jacket fully protects me against the wind without needing to wear many layers underneath.

"Aesthetically, it’s pleasing to the eye and there’s a handy inside-zip pocket which holds my massive iPhone 7 Plus perfectly. This is especially useful if you’re someone, like me, who gets their phone out as soon as they stop riding, as it saves you searching through a backpack for it. The waterproofing is fine for average rain. The only downside is the jacket doesn’t come with a decent back protector."

These days you'll mostly find Hein Gericke ladies jackets for sale on eBay.

This is labelled an 'all season' jacket by Weise and with a name like 'Frontier' it sounds perfect for touring. It has a removable thermal liner and CE-approved protection.


Denier polyester outer construction

Removable quilted thermal liner

Reflective panels

Adjustable waist

Four external and three internal pockets with large rear map pocket

Zip to attach trousers with comfort

Nine months on and after 2,600 miles use, the Tucano Urbano Parka Hide Park has proved to be windproof, waterproof and pretty bulletproof.

Here's what former MCN Online Editor, Maria Martin, says: "This parka is windproof, waterproof and virtually bulletproof! I’ve used it mainly over spring and summer and, on a fashionista level, the coat has a ‘women’s cut’ and drawstring waist, which has given me a confidence boost when I’ve gone to just visit friends and don’t want to look like I’ve been on a desert adventure.

"One place it was particularly good was on my many camping trips this year. I saved space taken up by an off-the-bike coat and just took this. When I was off the bike and out of my bike boots and bike pants, the jacket was really useful. The hood and lightweight three-quarter length work a treat, and it’s ultra-comfy for walking around town or in windy conditions. I use the outer pockets the most as they’re secure enough for a small purse or wallet.

"There is also a waterproof inner pocket lined with microfibre material to keep eyewear safe. Mine is dark green, but it’s also available in dark blue, and has CE-approved (level 1) shoulder and elbow armour.

"Even with the inner layer out, it’s not breathable. In hot weather, the parka sticks to your skin and you have to peel it off. Also, if you leave the hood attached and don’t do up the hood clips, it will whip against your crash helmet."

Casual/fair-weather rider

For those weekend jaunts and when you simply won't ride in the rain, here are two of our casual favourites to browse...

We love Segura jackets, they're comfortable, casual and feel great. This Lady Stripe is a premium motorbike jacket, made of buffalo leather with a retro look. It's soft and oozes quality.


Removable thermal lining

Four outer, one arm and two inner pockets

Fixed mesh lining

Neoprene collar for comfort

Adjustable CE-approved elbow protectors

Pocket for CE-approved back protector (not included)

Richa's Toulon 2 ladies jacket is durable with a removable hood and includes Climacontrol mesh lining and D3O armour. It's a hit with reviewers praising its snug fit and casual look, suitable to wear with a pair of riding jeans.


Buffalo leather construction

CE-certified D3O shoulder, elbow and back armour included

Pocket for optional back protector

Slip lining made from cotton

Detachable hood

Two internal and external pockets

Sleep adjustment zip

A stylish and durable option from Rev'it, this jacket features built-in body armour as well as excellent adjustability and ventilation for longer rides. It's ideal for warmer temperatures and can be attached to Rev'it jeans for total protection in a casual outfit.


Mesh and polyester 600D construction

Knox Lite CE shoulder and elbow armour

Pocket for RV type CE level 2 back protector

Adjustable hip straps

Ventilation panels at chest, back and sleeves

Outer slit pockets and additional inner pockets

Additions to consider when picking a motorcycle jacket

Underlayers: to stay as warm as possible

Heated grips (for obvious reasons)

Neck warmers

Tinted visor options

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