Top 5 Ear Plugs for Bikers

Top 5 Ear Plugs for Bikers

by MCN |

Did you know that above 50mph the wind noise in your helmet can reach levels of 110dB? That's the equivalent of an electric drill, and it is especially bad when riding in windy conditions.

If you expose your hearing to these kinds of noise levels for any length of time you could do some severe damage to your ear drums. Fortunately, ear plugs are an inexpensive way to protect yourself from hearing loss.

1. Bike It Ear Plugs


We start at the cheaper end of the ear plug market. Bike It have produced a no-frills, soft PU

Bike It Ear Plugs

2. Gear Gremlin Rocket Ear Plugs


The ever-so-slightly higher priced Gear Gremlin Rocket Ear Plugs are great value for money. They

Gear Gremlin Rocket Ear Plugs

3. Oxford Earsoft FX Ear Plugs (Box of 50)


Some of the highest quality ear plugs weu2019ve found - the Oxford Earsoft FX are excellent for

Oxford Earsoft FX Ear Plugs (Box of 50)

4. Auritech Biker Ear Plugs


Probably some of the most technologically advanced ear plugs you can find on the marketu2026 if

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

5. Pinlock Ear Plugs


Certainly up there with some of the pricier ear plugs, however, you get a very good quality

Pinlock Ear Plugs
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