Best sporty textile motorcycle jackets

Shorter and styled more like racers, sporty jackets are cool if you’re looking for a more spirited ride.

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When it comes to motorcycle jackets, it’s all about fit; not only to your measurements but also to the way you sit on your bike. For example, touring jackets are suited to touring bikes where you typically sit fairly upright and the longer length helps keep you warm and dry when in that riding position.

A touring jacket on a sportsbike, however, won’t work quite so well. If you’re leant forward, bent at the waist and with your knees up due to high footpegs, the additional length in the jacket will bunch and potentially feel constrictive and uncomfortable. That’s why sporty jackets are shorter – to give you that room to move and get the right riding position.

Sporty jackets by their nature may well be inspired by racing and as a result, you will find this kind of garment available in both leather and textile construction.

While leather can offer the highest levels of protection rating (we’ll look at these another time), textiles can come close and add functionality such as breathability alongside waterproofing (generally mutually exclusive on leathers) and a range of other options that you would find on more touring-orientated jackets.

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As with all motorcycle jackets, protection is crucial, so look for an overall CE rating as high as possible (B, A, AA and AAA in increasing protectiveness) and for CE-rated armour at the shoulders, elbows and in the back. As a sporty jacket, you may also find provision for chest armour and this is also rated Level-1 or Level-2 like the rest of the garment’s protection.

You may also find some jackets offering either built-in airbag technology or the option to add it, providing in addition to the shoulders and elbows, protection for the neck, thorax and back.

1. Richa Gotham 2 Jacket


This sporty jacket from Richa combines a slim fit with pre-curved arms for comfort when adopting

Richa Gotham 2 Jacket

2. Furygan Narval Jacket

Seal of Approval - Weu2019ve tested this product and have found it performs well


The Narval is one of French manufacturer Furyganu2019s range of textile jackets and is made from

Furygan Narval Jacket

3. Alpinestars T-Fuse Jacket

Seal of Approval - Weu2019ve tested this product and have found it performs well


This offering from Alpinestars uses a soft-shell outer that incorporates a waterproof fabric

Alpinestars T-Fuse Jacket

4. RST Sabre Jacket


The Sabre jacket from RST can rightly be described as having options; it is available as this

RST Sabre Jacket

5. Held Antaris Jacket


The Antaris from Held is a fairly standard short, sporty jacket but it includes a host of

Held Antaris Jacket

6. Spada Plaza WP


This sporty jacket from Spada is of amazing value, offering performance and protection well

Spada Plaza WP

7. Spidi Freerider Jacket


The Freerider from Spidi combines the design and cut of a sports jacket with the technology

Spidi Freerider Jacket

8. Revu2019It Vertex H2O Jacket


This sports jacket from Revu2019It is available in a range of options, including this waterproof

Revu2019It Vertex H2O Jacket

9. Duchinni Legend Jacket


Master of value Duchinni offer this sporty jacket in three colours (grey, blue and red). Itu2019s

Duchinni Legend Jacket

10. Oxford Delta Jacket


While Oxford may be more familiar for its technical and touring clothing, this sporty jacket from

Oxford Delta Jacket

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