Best single layer motorcycle jeans

Stay cool and comfortable as well as protected with these single-layer riding jeans

Riding a Yamaha Tracer 700 in single layer jeans

by Jim Blackstock |

For many, a pair of riding jeans are the trousers of choice for a motorcycle ride. Sure, a set of textiles are great if you’re going a long way and the weather may not be on your side but for shorter or more casual rides, a jacket and jeans is hard to beat.

And while there are jeans and there are jeans, a pair of single-layer examples will offer the maximum cooling and comfort thanks to the absence of a separate layer of protective lining, and some of these jeans are waterproof.

This is because the abrasion resistance comes about thanks to aramid fibres woven into the denim itself, so the single-layer denim forms the protection.

And recent developments in material technology means that now, a pair of single-layer jeans can achieve a CE rating of AAA – the highest possible for abrasion resistance and construction.

Of course, you would also expect armour in at least the knees and ideally, the hips as well to protect from impact as well as from sliding along the road. As with all motorcycle clothing, this can either be rated Level-1 or (more shock-absorbent and hence, better) Level-2.

As with any form of clothing, sizing and style can vary, so trying a pair on before you commit is essential.

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You should also consider the cut; straight-cut jeans tend to be a bit more generous in the legs while skinny fit may not work for riders with chunkier legs. And you may also need to consider your footwear – if you really like skinny-fit jeans, you may need a pair of shorter, more casual boots to go under them.

Here is a selection of single-layer riding jeans that will keep you safe and feeling cool.

RST's 'Built with Kevlar' range includes these single-layer jeans with the branded DuPont material

RST X Kevlar Single Layer CE Denim Jeans
Vaster Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans

These fashionable motorbike jeans can be worn casual and come with free CE approved knee pads. Designed to distribute air evenly around your legs for comfort in the saddle. The 100% denim exterior is lined with Kevlar from hip to knee and come in a boot cut fit.

Alongside all this the Vaser jeans are a traditional 5 pocket design, so when off the bike you have somewhere for your phone and wallet, like you would ordinarily carry.

These straight-cut jeans from Bull-It are rated AA and come with Level-2 armour at both the hips

Bull-It Tactical

They are cut in a traditional five-pocket design and feature legs slimmer than a usual boot cut yet not quite at the skinny fit end of the spectrum. They use YKK zips for strength and reliability and come in a variety of colours and cuts.

CE rating: AA

Armour rating: L2

CE Rating: AA

Armour rating: L1

Qaswa Women's Motorcycle Jeans

Ultra strong denim fabric with stretchable flex panels in key areas to give you all day comfort on and off the bike, these all season jeans are a fashionable choice. Kevlar is placed on the rear, hips and shins of these jeans with armour pockets on the hips and knees for added protection.

Machine washable, they have zip and button up fly so that you’ve plenty of durability in the case of any slides off the bike. The Qaswa jeans are perfect on and off the bike so for quick trips about town, they could be your jeans of choice!

These jeans from French manufacturer Furygan are formed in a single layer of denim mixed with

Furygan K11 X

They are created in a classic five-pocket design and the material features a stretch element for additional comfort on the bike as well as off.

CE rating: AAA

Armour rating: L1

These jeans from Knox are made from Spectra denim, a fibre which is stronger than aramid and steel

Knox Shield

It also has water-repellent properties and helps to wick moisture away from the skin. They come with Knox’s Micro-Lock armour, rated at Level-1 in the knees and hips.

CE rating: AA

Armour rating: L1

These PMJ jeans are made with Twaron, a ballistic material that strengthens the denim weave to

PMJ Deux

The jeans are a traditional five-pocket design with availability in three leg lengths for each waist size with a casual fit and the Deux come with a leather belt. They also include Level-1 knee and hip armour.

CE rating: AAA

Armour rating: L1

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