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Riding a motorcycle in trousers designed for the job

by Jim Blackstock |

Just like any other part of your motorcycle riding gear, choosing the right trousers is crucial to make sure that you are properly protected but also, are as comfortable as possible. Your derriere is one of the key sensory organs when you are riding and if you insulate yourself from the bike too much, then this can have a big effect on your feel for its behaviour as well as your safety.

And if you get it wrong, you can end up really uncomfortable, very cold or sopping wet, depending on the conditions. So you need to get the choice right...

When it comes to selecting trousers, you need to work out what your primary style of riding is. If it’s sporty, then perhaps a pair of leather pants is the way to go; protective, snug-fitting and made for the job.

However, if it’s more urban or casual riding, then maybe a pair of riding jeans is more your style. For longer trips or commuting, then textiles would be the prime choice. The choice is yours...

When it comes to protection, the same principles that apply to jackets hold true for trousers as well. They will be CE rated for abrasion resistance and build quality, from B to A, AA or AAA; AAA is the highest protective rating.

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They should also include CE-approved armour, in at least the knees and ideally the hips as well, though anything that is AAA rated must also include hip armour. Like jackets, armour can be Level-1 or Level-2 – L2 is the more absorbent of impact forces and hence, protects you more.

Here is a selection of our favourite trousers and some ideas of alternatives to get your started...

Budget textiles

Duchinni's Pacific trousers may not have the very highest specification, but they are incredible

Duchinni Pacific

They are waterproof and breathable, using Duchinni’s Warm & Dry membrane but they aren’t quite as breathable as some. They also don’t have any vents but they do have useful pockets and personal experience shows they are completely waterproof.


Excellent value

Superb protection

Completely waterproof


Can get a bit sweaty

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Mid-range textiles

These textile trousers from Weise use a polyester outer with a laminated waterproof and breathable

Weise Outlast Frontier

They are CE AA rated and come with removable armour and feature two thigh vents for cooling air when the ride warms up, covered by waterproof zips.


Laminated membrane

Excellent protective rating

Vents for cooling air


Seems expensive

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Best high-end textiles

These trousers from Rukka are very serious money but then, they are very serious trousers. If you

Rukka Kallavesi

They have a removable Outlast thermal liner and come with D3O air armour in the knees, hips and shins. They feature vents on the thighs for cooling air and a padded seat for extended periods in the saddle.


Gore-Tex Pro3 laminated material

Numerous Armacor protection panels

Superb performance


That price

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Best race-style leathers

We've spoken about leathers several times before, but we really like RST's TracTech range of

RST TracTech Evo 4

These trousers are formed in cowhide leather and are CE AAA rated and come with Level-2 armour in the hips and L1 at the knees, as well as the ubiquitous knee sliders.


Highest CE protective rating

British brand

Can be worn as leather suit or with other jackets


Only L1 knee armour

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Best single-layer riding jeans

These jeans from Knox aren't cheap but they are incredibly protective, I've dragged them down the

Knox Shield

They are supplied with Knox’ Micro-Lock armour in the knees and hips but this could do with upgrading to Level-2 for ultimate protection. They are a relaxed fit and look and work well off the bike as well as on it.


Highest AAA CE rating

Relaxed, casual fit

Work on and off the bike


Only come with L1 armour

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Best waterproof jeans

These casual-style jeans are actually formed from Halley Stevenson's waxed cotton but in a

Merlin Hulme


Classic western-style jeans cut

Reissa waterproof and breathable membrane

Great value


Unknown CE rating

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Best waterproof over-trousers

Sometimes you just want to keep the rain out, if you're wearing a pair of jeans with say a textile

FLM Stormchaser

These over-trousers from FLM have a mesh lining to help promote airflow and are completely waterproof. They have wide leg openings to make them easy to get on and pack up small for when the weather stays dry.


Completely waterproof




No protective capacity

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Best ladies’ trousers

There is plenty of proper equipment for female riders and this covers most aspects of riding gear.

Bull-It Fury 17 Jeggings


AAA protection

Level-2 knee armour

Stretch denim for comfort


No hip armour as standard

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Best adventure trousers

These trousers from Spidi form part of the company's on and off-road range and offer protection

Spidi Allroad

The liner can be worn either inside the nylon outer or on the outside, in case rain comes on suddenly. There are also two huge vents, that can be secured open on the thighs.


Modular construction

Excellent protective rating

Large vents


Not cheap

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Best summer trousers

Staying cool and protected in the summer is a tricky proposition but these mesh trousers from

Tucano Urbano Zipster

They are CE rated A and come with Level-1 knee armour but the really neat feature is the lower legs zip off to turn them into a pair of Bermuda shorts when you’re off the bike.


Great airflow on bike

Convert to shorts off the bike

Join with Network jacket


Not the highest protective ratings

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