Top kids’ motorcycle gear

Getting proper motorcycle kit for kids isn’t tricky – you just need to know where to look

Proper kids' motorbike gear is essential when riding on or off-road

by Jim Blackstock |

We’ve said it before – it’s both hugely exciting and a little scary when your kids express an interest in following you onto two wheels. Generally, they can either do this themselves or on the back with you (unless they’re much older but by then, they can wear adult gear) but whichever route, they need the same levels of protection as you, if not higher.

If they want to ride themselves, then inevitably they will be looking at off-road bikes - probably motocross-inspired - and will need the appropriate gear for that; specifically MX helmets and armour, gloves, pads and over-clothes.

If instead, they want to accompany you on road rides as a pillion, then their clothing needs to meet the same standards as yours. The tricky part isn’t finding manufacturers, it's finding ones that make the right equipment in smaller sizes to protect your most precious possession.

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For road-riding clothing, look for CE ratings for construction and abrasion, from B to AAA (the latter the highest) as well as armour (Level-2 higher protection than Level-1) in at least the shoulders and elbows.

Also, boots should contain as many ‘2’s in their rating as possible and gloves should be at least 1 KP. Helmets must be rated to ECE 22.05 and you can check how safe they are by going to the government-run SHARP testing and rating scheme, though many child-sized helmets have yet to be tested.

This best-seller on Amazon comprises pretty much everything a youngster needs to get going on a

Body armour set
Editor's Pick - We've tested this product and would spend our own money on it

This helmet from Wulf is well recommended and conforms to the ECE22.05 standard, so it can be used

Wulf Cub helmet

My kids have this helmet and it’s comfortable and I’m confident in its protective abilities.

This youth jacket from Duchinni doesn't go as small as some here but it is specified as well as

Duchinni Jago

If they're heading off-road, then they will likely be riding in an MX helmet and will need a pair

Zorax junior goggles

Full-grain leather boots in an adventure or off-road style, these are waterproof and have a

Duchinni Switch

Designed for both ladies and children, this Cly is made in polycarbonate and naturally conforms to


A sportier glove for youngsters, the Bambino is made in full-grain leather and lycra with TPU

Duchinni Bambino kid's gloves

Not strictly for kids but these handles, worn by the rider, can offer children a more sturdy

Oxford Pillion handles

However much you tell them to hold on tight, kids will sometimes loosen their grip for a variety

CHCycle belt

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