DXR Bernie boots review

‘Cool looks, decent price’

by Simon Brown |

These CE-approved DXR Bernie boots are billed as breathable and having just ridden two hours up the M5 in 30°C conditions I can confirm that they did indeed remain comfortable for the duration without becoming sweaty or unpleasant. Obviously, they aren’t as protective as a full-on pair of sports or touring boots, but they combine nicely with armoured jeans. Added protection comes courtesy of reinforced ankle armour, plus, they don’t look outlandish when you reach your destination.

DXR Bernie Boots
Tested by Simon Brown for 1,000 miles, 6 months
Quality 4/5, Value 4/5

DXR Bernie boots

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The grippy sole ensures a cosy connection with the pegs and has decent flex for comfort when you are walking about – particularly handy in my case because I stash the bike in a rented lock-up about a quarter of a mile from the house. Some retro boots incorporate a zipped closure but I prefer standard laces like these because you can get a nice secure fastening every time and it’s hard to argue that doing up your laces is any sort of hassle. Double knot, naturally. Don’t want them coming undone.

Construction is full-grain leather and the boots still look smart after six months of wear, the only slight blot being a degree of scuffing on the gearchange pad. I suspect I will have to locate some neutral shoe polish and see if that will buff out. On the plus side, the pad means you can change gear easily and comfortably. DXR (who are a French brand, if you are not familiar) markets the Bernie boots as waterproof. So far I have only been caught in light showers and they have worked fine. Can’t argue with the value, either.

The DXR Bernie boots are available in Euro sizes 40-48 which works out as 6-14 in the UK sizing. I normally take a 10 and size 44 is perfect for me. I am a fairly narrow fit too and find them perfect in that regard (plus I can lace them up reassuringly tightly anyway). Don’t like the ‘vintage light brown’ colour? They also come in black if that is more up your street.

• Sensible price
• Comfort
• Look good

• Scuffing on the gear change pad

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