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The market for women's motorcycle gear has been growing steadily in recent years, giving female bikers a wider choice both in terms of fit and protection. MCN's guide to the best women's motorcycle leggings focuses on form-fitting garments that offer comfort, peace of mind and look good too.

CE Standard

As with all protective motorcycle clothing, leggings are tested against the CE standard of EN 17092:2020 (or the previous standard of EN 13595, which is valid until March 2023), which, if passed, will earn the item a rating between C and AAA. The higher the letter, the better the score, so look for the most 'A's on the label. Hip and knee armour is also subject to CE approval and is rated at either Level One or Two. It's worth bearing in mind that not all leggings come with armour as standard, so there may be an additional cost

Advanced Fibres

Abrasion resistance is achieved by technical textiles such as Kevlar, Aramid and Spectra, to name but a few. Some of these textile weaves can offer additional advantages like water resistance, moisture-wicking and heat dissipation, as well as having the ability to stretch for a comfortable fit.


Women's motorcycle leggings come in a range of sizing, leg lengths and rises to cover different body shapes. Although many manufacturers run true to size, be prepared to be flexible for the best fit. This may be affected by the fitment of armour, which needs to sit snugly to do its job properly, but not so tight as to affect comfort and mobility.

Getting riding jeans to fit has always been an absolute nightmare. It’s a complete minefield

Oxford Ladies Super Leggings 2.0 motorcycle

CE approved and with aramid reinforcements, knee protectors and pockets for hip armour, they offer the same protection as standard denim riding jeans but being made from super stretchy material they fit, perfectly. There’s a high waistband, so no awkward gap between jacket and jeans plus no fear of a muffin top and if you wanted to purchase a belt connector, it fits to zip to your riding jacket. Front pockets are large enough to stow keys or a phone, when off the bike.

They look stylish both on and off the bike and can be worn with either short baseball style riding boots or touring boots. They’ve been through the wash a few times and they haven’t lost shape or colour.
One thing to bear in mind, they aren’t waterproof, that said they don’t claim to be. I did get caught in a shower and they absorb water like a sponge.

They come in a full range of sizes and three leg lengths, I opted for long and, for once, they’re slightly too long. I opted for black, they’re also available in khaki, grey and burgundy.

MCN Rated: Best ladies jeans

Protective riding denim for ladies that actually look like a pair of fashion jeans. They look

Bull-it Ladies Eclipse Slim Covec Jeans

They also fit well (after a bit of breaking in and a wash) with the recovery yarns for stretch retention, and they also have AA-rated abrasion protection, lower thermal conductivity against friction burns, and Level 2 hip and knee protection as standard - although the slim design means squeezing the armour into the internal pockets is a little difficult.

That said, the cut means they’re up to date with trends on and off the bike, and I could easily fit a pair of waterproofs over the top (as long as I took the linings out) but the shower-resistant finish will get you through a few drops of rain easily.

Jeans are an essential in everyone’s wardrobe, especially for biking. With these women’s-fit Knox

Knox Scarlett Skinny Fit Jeans MK2

The stretch Cordura denim is lovely to touch and very comfortable to wear, but I found them slightly baggy on the thighs and at the knee (which gives ample room to pop in the included knee protectors). I’m not sure whether I should have got the size down, but they fit well at the waist, so I decided against it. After all, I think when it comes to jeans – especially bike jeans – it’s always trial and error, but at this price it’s worth getting the exact right pair for you.

These CE-approved jeggings can boast a AA rating, thanks to Oxford's highly durable Armourlite™

Oxford Original Approved AA Jeggings

With a stretch fabric outer shell for a close and comfortable fit, combined with a full aramidic

Alpinestars Banshee Leggings

The Fury II features CE level 2 knee armour, plus a mesh inner liner for comfort. As is typical

Bull-it Ladies Fury II Covec Skinny Jeggings clearance sale

These slim-fit, high-waisted leggings from Richa come with CE-approved D3O® knee and hip armour as

Richa Kodi Ladies Motorcycle Leggings

At the top of the tree, in terms of protection, sit British manufacturer Knox's CE AAA-rated

Knox Women's Shield Single Layer Spectra Jeans

Described by the manufacturer as a 'flattering figure-shaping trouser', these stretch denim riding

Weise Aurora Textile Leggings

Elasticated slim-fit denim jeans with internal aramid fibre jersey reinforcements at vulnerable

Dainese Ladies Alba Slim Textile Jeans

Draggin is a pioneer in the world of durable denim, and the Drayko Racey skinny-leg mid-rise jeans

Draggin Drayko Racey Jeans

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