Best summer motorcycle gear

How to stay protected properly yet remain cool when the temperature starts to climb.

Riding a KTM 790 Duke in summer

by Jim Blackstock |

One of the best times to go riding is in the summer; bright sunshine, warm weather and long hours of daylight make any ride even more fun. And the prospect of a ride to the seaside for fish and chips is, frankly, one that few can resist. However, just like riding in winter, choosing the right summer motorcycle gear can make the difference between enjoying every moment and it feeling like a chore.

While your year-round textile kit will work well into the summer, you may find that however breathable the membrane, however large the vents, and however removable the thermal liner, they are still a little cumbersome and restrictive for a ride in the height of summer. So you may want to consider something a bit more lightweight, a bit cooler, a bit more appropriate to the conditions.

Depending on the weather, you can choose clothing that from a cooling point of view, does not exist. For example, mesh clothing has proper material in impact and abrasion zones but in areas that are unlikely to hit the ground, such as the front of the chest or the inside of the arms, they have mesh that allows vast amounts of cooling air in.

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The first time you wear mesh clothing, it can be very disconcerting and leave you feeling vulnerable but the cooling effect is amazing, particularly if the ambient temperature is high. Make sure your jackets and trousers are comfortable.

The same goes for gloves and boots; choose ones that are ventilated to let as much cooling air in as possible. Of course, if you get caught in a sudden downpour, you will get wet – unless you have a set of waterproofs with you – but if it’s hot enough that you want as much ventilation as possible, then the chances are you may not mind a little rain and you’ll probably dry out fairly quickly anyway.

Here's a selection of the best summer motorcycle gear.

Shark Evo Helmet

Rrp: £254.99

Price: £229.99


Shark has just released an updated version of its modular helmet, the Evo, which means the

Shark Evo Helmet

2. RST Axis Gloves


With a CE rating of 1KP (indicating knuckle protection), the Axis gloves from RST are made in

RST Axis Gloves

3. Tucano Urbano Network 2G Jacket


Choosing your jacket for a summer ride can be tricky; textiles can be heavy and constrictive,

Tucano Urbano Network 2G Jacket

4. Oxford Original Approved AAA Jeans Slim MS 3 Year


These single-layer riding jeans from Oxford will keep you protected as well as cool on the road.

Oxford Original Approved AAA Jeans Slim MS 3 Year

5. RST Tractech Evo 3 Boots


At just £139.99 it's not hard to see why these boots are top of the best seller chart at

RST Tractech Evo 3 Boots

6. Held Spot Gloves


These short gloves from Held combine protection, comfort and cooling thanks to their material and

Held Spot Gloves

7. Dane Drakar GoreTex Motorcycle Jacket


The Drakar suit from Dane is not a cheap option (trousers are an additional £449) but if you are

Dane Drakar GoreTex Motorcycle Jacket

8. Alpinestars SP-1 Motorcycle Boots


These short boots from Alpinestars are designed to be comfortable and cool but offer as much

Alpinestars SP-1 Motorcycle Boots

9. Forcefield Tech 3 Base Layers


Base layers aren't just for winter to help keep you warm; they are also essential in summer to

Forcefield Tech 3 Base Layer long sleeved shirt

Richa Typhoon One-Piece Waterproof Over Suit
Price: £64.99
AmazonAmazon Prime


If you're on a long trip in cool summer clothing, you will inevitably encounter rain and a set of

Richa Typhoon One-Piece Waterproof Over Suit

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