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Here’s our selection of the riding kit we would buy if we were starting from scratch

Riding motorcycles on UK roads

by Jim Blackstock |

Selecting your riding kit is no easy task. Assuming that safety and protection are a given (we’ll come on to those in a moment) your choice will depend on many factors: the style of your bike; the kind of riding you do; how much of the year you ride; how far you usually ride; and how much money you have available for your kit.

The first consideration must always be safety. Helmets must be approved to either ECE22.05 or the newer ECE220.6 standards and the UK government safety assessment program tests and rates helmets for safety, with scores out of five.

When it comes to jackets and trousers, these are rated under standard EN17092 and are classified as Personal Protective Equipment and given a CE rating; B, A, AA and AAA. These refer to the overall abrasive resistance and build quality and the highest rating is AAA.

The armour within jackets and trousers is also rated under CE regulations, to either Level-1 or Level-2. Level-2 is more absorbent of impact forces and hence, more protective.

You should be looking for armour in the shoulders and elbows of jackets and at least a pocket for a back protector if one is not fitted (or you wear a standalone one). For trousers, you want at least knee armour and ideally, hips as well.

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Be aware that the more protective clothing is, the more stiff or cumbersome it is likely to be though this is more apparent on lower-budget equipment than higher.

Boots and gloves are also CE-rated, for a variety of factors. Most boots will be rated to the 2017 standard and comprise four digits, either a 1 or a 2.

The first indicates if the boots is high or low-leg and the remaining three, the rating in key areas – abrasion resistance, impact cut and transverse rigidity. Boots can achieve either a standard pass (1) or superior pass (2) so look for as many 2s as you can.

Similarly, gloves are rated 1 or 2 overall with ‘KP’ indicating knuckle protection. A CE rating of 2 indicates higher protective abilities than 1.

Here are our favourite products in each key area...

Best helmet

1. Shoei Ryd


There are so many different types of helmet that entire articles have been written about them.

Shoei Ryd

It gets five SHARP stars for safety; is exceptionally comfortable, light and compact (partly due to having no drop-down sun visor) and is quiet, with excellent ventilation. You can add a tinted or photo-reactive visor if you want but out of the box, it’s excellent. I have one and I love it.


Five SHARP stars for safety

Excellent ventilation

Superb comfort


No drop-down sun visor

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2. Oxford Hinterland Jacket


The Hinterland is one of British clothing and accessory giant Oxford Productsu2019 flagship ranges

Oxford Hinterland Jacket

It uses elasticated sections to give movement to the wearer instead of more traditional external adjustment straps and has a AA CE rating. This means it is fairly stiff to begin with but it soon loosens up and is very comfortable and reassuring. It only comes with Level-1 armour so we’d suggest an upgrade to L2.


Laminated for weather performance

AA CE rating

Great value


No back protector, only L1 armour

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3. Spada Wyatt


A leather jacket is the staple of any motorcyclistu2019s wardrobe and this one from Spada is a

Spada Wyatt

This helps it achieve a CE rating of AAA and it comes with a full suite of Level-2 armour, making it incredibly protective. It also has a removable thermal liner and it’s waterproof too.


Highest protective abilities

Great value

British designed


Retro styling may not suit everyone

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Best riding jeans

4. Knox Shield


Historically, riding jeans needed a separate layer of material, such as aramid fibres or Kevlar,

Knox Shield

They come with Knox’ micro-lock armour in the knees and hips and the knee armour is housed in external pockets. Sister title RiDE tested jeans recently and these provided the best protection on test.


Highest CE rating of AAA

Come with knee and hip armour

Traditional straight-cut design


Only Level-1 armour

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5. RST TracTech Evo 4


British brand RST knows a thing or two about producing race leathers and the companyu2019s famous

RST TracTech Evo 4

A two-piece is more convenient for road users or for those doing trackdays while a one-piece is more useful for riders who are actually racing. Both offer an overall rating of AAA and come with Level-1 armour though the shoulders also have external TPU sliders and there are stretch panels across the garments for comfort and fit. The one-piece suit is £20 cheaper than the two piece, which has a zip to join the jacket and trousers.


Highest AAA CE rating

Hugely experienced company

Available as one or two-piece suit


Only comes with L1 armour

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Summer gloves

LS2 Swift
Price: £79.99


LS2 is more famous for helmets than clothing but a couple of years ago it introduced a range of

LS2 Swift

They are a sporty, long-cuffed glove that offers the highest protective rating – 2 KP indicating they have hard knuckle armour that is also vented. In addition, they have hard plastic protection on the fingers, a bridge between the ring and little fingers, stretch panels and Superfabric padding on the outside of the hand, the thumb and the heel of the palms. They are comfortable and give excellent feels for the bike’s controls.


Highest protective rating

Excellent feel and comfort

Perforated for cooling


Fingers a little long for some

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7. Richa Ice Polar GTX


While there are thicker u2013 and hence, warmer u2013 gloves available, these from Richa give a

Richa Ice Polar GTX

They use a mixture of leather and textile and are backed with a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane to prevent them getting sweaty. They have hard knuckle armour, touchscreen-compatible fingertips and a visor wipe.


Gore-Tex membrane

Good feel for the bike

Great value


Not as warm as some

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8. Alpinestars SMX-6 V2


These may seem a lot of money but theyu2019re really worth it. These sporty boots from Alpinestars

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2

However, personal experience says that the Drystar is at least as good as the Gore-Tex at keeping your feet warm and dry. They are sports-style boots which are not only comfortable but extremely protective, thanks to plenty of armour and an ankle bracing system that protects without affecting comfort or usability.


Excellent protection

Superbly comfortable

Waterproof and breathable


May not go under narrow-leg jeans

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Best year-round base layers

9. Rukka Outlast Top


Getting a pair of base layers to work year-round is no mean feat but these from Rukka use Outlast

Rukka Outlast Top


Year-round performance

Good value

Well-respected manufacturer


Not as cooling in summer as some

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Best safety innovation - Airbag technology

10. Ixon Airbag


One of the most recent game-changers when it comes to rider safety is the developments in airbag

Ixon Airbag

Helite is one of the leaders in vests that you wear outside your main jacket and both Dainese and Alpinestars have their own systems. However, it is French company In&motion that is penetrating the market, working with clothing manufacturers such as Furygan, Ixon, Klim, RST and Held with both clip-in, integrated and universal garments, making the technology available to all riders.


Ultimate rider protection

Available in range of wearable options



May make clothing bulky

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