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Riding motorcycles in hi-viz kit

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There’s no doubt that if you want to be seen on your motorcycle, then wearing and using hi-viz clothing and kit is the way to go. It does what it says on the tin; high visibility.

It means you stand out as much as possible from the surroundings and other traffic so that road users see you and are aware of your presence, giving you room and hopefully, not pulling out in front of you.

While some riders despise hi-viz clothing and kit, others embrace it for the additional safety it can offer, particularly in poor weather or darkness – really useful in winter, for example.

There are two main types of hi-viz clothing; coloured (either fluorescent yellow or orange) and reflective, that tends to show up better in other vehicle’s headlights.

Of course, the most visible will be a combination of the two and the majority of hi-viz clothing designed for motorcycles – as opposed to other environments such as warehouses or building sites, for example – will comprise both.

Here is a selection of hi-viz clothing and kit to keep you seen and safe.

Weise Vision Jacket
©Photo: MCN

1. Weise Vision Jacket

MCN Rated


Tested by Michael Guy, 6 months, 4000 miles - Quality 4/5, Value 4/5

Weise Vision Jacket

Another waterproof, this time in pure reflective as opposed to the familiar fluorescent hi-viz. This jacket from Weise (there are also trousers available to make up a full suit, at £39.99) is not only waterproof, with properly taped seams and a mesh lining for air flow but is also completely formed from reflective material, for full 360° vision to other road users. It’s effective at making sure you are seen as well as staying dry.

What Michael said: "With age, comes wisdom... apparently. And over the years my desire to wear dark colours and be as incognito as possible has been replaced with being keen to be seen. I have however resisted the desire to don fluoro yellow clothing, which is why the Weise Vision over-jacket has been a welcome addition.

"Made from highly reflective material it lights up spectacularly the moment any light is shone directly on it. It also acts as a good additional layer, which helps wind chill and while it’s not 100% waterproof it does a good job of keeping the majority of the elements at bay when worn over your usual bike jacket."



Fully reflective

Trousers available


Only reflective, not flouro

2. Rev'it Athos 2 Hi-Vis Vest


Although sharing the same functionality as the original Athos, the fresher Athos 2 works with an

Rev'it Athos 2 Hi-Vis Vest

They have adjustable shoulder and waist straps and comprise both hi-viz material with reflective stripes on the shoulder and waist straps. They come as a two pack and each has its own storage pouch.




Go over any jacket


Narrow strips of visibility

3. Held Hi-Viz Vest


Another product that does what it says on the tin, this universal over-the-jacket hi-viz vest from

Held Hi-Viz Vest

It’s a familiar zip-up front, with twin reflective stripes all round and tabs to pull it in at the waist. Its air-permeable fabric makes it less inclined to billow and it’s the classic hi-viz vest.


Wear over any jacket

Anti-billow material

Hi-vis and reflective



4. Reflective Vests


This two-pack of reflective hi-viz u2018vestsu2019 (perhaps a bit of a strong description) has a

Reflective Vests

5. Richa Typhoon Rain Suit


Not only will this Richa Typhoon suit keep you dry, it will also keep you visible, thanks to the

Richa Typhoon Rain Suit

The large fluorescent panels will help keep you visible when the rain starts to fall.


Keep you dry

Large hi-viz panels

One-piece design


Could do with more flouro

Find more rain suits here

6. Caberg Duke 2


There are plenty of helmets around that feature hi-viz graphics or inserts but the Duke 2, from

Caberg Duke 2

I can confirm it is all-day comfortable and will stand out on the road to make sure people know you’re there.


Five SHARP stars

All-over hi-viz

Comfortable and well spec’d


Bit much for some

7. RST Atlas Jacket


This jacket from RST is not really a hi-viz item but a proper riding jacket that is finished in

RST Atlas Jacket

It has a mesh lining and comes with CE armour in the shoulders and elbows, with a back protector pocket. It has external pockets and adjusters and there is also a pair of matching trousers available, for £129.99.


Full riding jacket design

Waterproof and breathable

Plenty of flouro panels


May be a bit much for some

8. Frank Thomas Raptor


These sporty leather gloves from Frank Thomas feature hi-viz detailing to not only keep your hands

Frank Thomas Raptor

There are also section of padding on the palm, the fingers and thumbs and the wrist while two hook-and-loop closures ensure a good fit.


Sporty construction

Good, CE protection

Flouro hi-viz panels


Not waterproof

9. Oxford Aqua 50L Rollbag


If youu2019re going to carry luggage on the back of the bike, you may as well make it visible and


Completely watertight

Hi-viz panels for visibility

Easy to carry off the bike



Find more rollbags here

10. Helite Hi-Viz Airbag Vest


This is another garment that combines several functions; it is a universal airbag vest that is

Helite Hi-Viz Airbag Vest

The hi-viz finish means others will know you’re there, hopefully preventing the airbag to be needed in the first place but if it is, you are protected.


Universal-fit airbag vest

Fit over any jacket

Simple, mechanical triggering


May not suit all outfits

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