The best budget motorcycling kit

It is possible to get good performance and protection on a budget.

Best budget motorcycling kit

by Jim Blackstock |

There’s an age-old adage that states; ‘You get what you pay for’. And, to an extent, that is the case with motorcycling kit. You can pay upwards of £1,000 for a jacket or a helmet and they will excel when it comes to performance and comfort, for example. However, you can also buy jackets or helmets for a fraction of that price – but does that mean budget motorcycling kit is cheap and cheerful or can it offer good value for money?

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When it comes to buying inexpensive riding gear, the key is to look for decent brands that have entry-level kit. That way, you know you should be getting quality gear that will stand the test of protecting you if you need it to.

The savings over much more expensive items will be the details – weight, breathability, comfort perhaps - and while some features may be lacking, the basics should be there. So, you might be looking at a jacket that offers decent protection but doesn’t have a breathable membrane, or vents to allow cooling air in. A helmet may be a bit heavier than one costing far more or not as quiet but the difference in price might be worth it – you pay your money...

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Here is a selection of budget motorcycling kit that have what it takes on paper to keep you safe without breaking the bank. Some of them we’ve tested too, and we know you can get very good performance for great value.

The Skull, from budget brand Viper (or the RS-44 as it is also known), gets four stars under the

Viper Skull Motorcycle Helmet

Seal of Approval: We've tested this product and have found it performs well. The Hurricane's

Duchinni Hurricane Motorcycle Jacket

Editor's Pick: We've tested this product and would spend our own money on it. If you can find

Tuzo TZG10 Motorcycle Gloves

These denim jeans with internal Covec abrasion-resistant liner are currently on a huge discount at

Bull-it Covec Atlantic Straight SP120 SR6 Jeans

Seal of Approval: We've tested this product and have found it performs well A four-star, AGU

Agrius Rage SV Tracker Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready)

Seal of Approval: We've tested this product and have found it performs well. These waterproof

Richa Zenith Motorcycle Boots

Described by RST as an 'everyday glove', the Axiom has a MaxTex outer with a SinAqua membrane to

RST Axiom WP Gloves

Seal of Approval: We've tested this product and have found it performs well. Like the

Duchinni Pacific Motorcycle Long Jeans

This softshell jacket is AA CE rated and comes with Level-1 shoulder and elbow armour, though you

Spada Commute CE Motorbike Jacket

These low-rise casual boots from TCX may look like a pair of trainers, but they're far from it.

TCX Street Ace Waterproof Boots pair

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