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Choosing the right riding trousers is important, here are some of our favourites.

Adventure motorcycles crossing a stream

by Jim Blackstock |

When we looked at adventure motorcycle jackets, we established that they have a wide range of requirements; keep you protected from falls and weather while also allowing your body to dissipate sweat and keep you cool. These two requirements may seem mutually exclusive, but it is entirely possible to have both.

Just like jackets, adventure motorcycle trousers will have an outer layer that will protect you from falls, both in terms of abrasion – if you slide down the road or track – as well as impact, with armour at least at the knees and ideally, also the hips.

The trousers should be CE rated for abrasion resistance in the same way jackets are, from B to AAA, the latter the highest levels of protection. Hip and knee armour will also be CE rated, like in jackets and of course, Level-2 is a higher rating than Level-1.

When it comes to keeping you dry and warm, again, they may be one of several designs. Some may use an outer that has a waterproof membrane attached to it, either on the inside or the outside, to prevent water from entering while allowing moisture to leave.

However, if on the outside, it is susceptible to damage in an off-road environment, so many will have a separate waterproof and breathable layer that can be removed to allow maximum airflow when it isn’t raining. Some will allow the waterproof layer to fit over the top or inside the trousers to extra flexibility.

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Most will also have a thermal liner that will help keep you warm on chilly rides yet can be removed when things start to warm up to keep you cool – off-roading is a more strenuous form of riding than on-road, of course. And because of that, you’ll need some ventilation too.

At the very least, you want some large panels that zip open or ideally, are held open to allow lots of air in. The ideal scenario though is a mesh construction, where non-essential abrasion-resistant sections are formed in mesh, allowing huge amounts of air in.

Finally, you may find a bunch of other useful additions; cargo pockets are very handy for bits and pieces; anti-slip panels on the seat help you stay put on bumpy ground; and braces will prevent them from drooping or gaping as you ride.

Great value, these trousers from Texpeed are badged as waterproof and coming with CE armour in the

Texpeed Trousers

There is a removable thermal liner to keep you warm when the temperature drops but the only downside is no external vents – you’ll have to rely on the breathable membrane to keep you cool. Other than that, they get good reviews online and seem a real bargain.

Designed to be used with the matching jacket but just as able to be used with others, these

RST Pro Adventure-X Trousers

These trousers from Tucano Urbano's adventure-focussed sub-brand T.Ur are perfect for off-road

T.Ur P-Four

They come with CE Level-2 D3O knee armour and there are pockets for matching hip protectors and the removable lining provides both warmth as a thermal layer and water and wind-proofing with breathability, thanks to its membrane. There are front pockets as well as a thigh cargo pocket and zips to join with compatible T.Ur jackets.

These trousers from Wiese are good for year-round riding, on the road as well as off. They are

Weise Outlast Frontier Textile Trousers

They come with CE armour at the knees and hips and there are two thigh vents, protected by waterproof zips. The back is extended to prevent gaping and they can be joined to compatible jackets for added protection.

Like the jacket, the Montreal is about to be replaced by version 4.0 so the 3.0 is on run-out,

Oxford Montreal 3.0 Trousers

They come with Level-1 knee armour, though this can be upgraded and there are pockets for hip armour. There is extra material in the seat and crotch for additional waterproofing and they come with braces, as well as zips to join to other Oxford jackets.

As we saw when we looked at jackets, Klim is top-end adventure equipment and these trousers,

Klim Carlsbad Trousers

They use a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing and breathability and the outer features leather inserts on the inside of the knees for better grip on the bike. They come with CE Level-2 D3O armour in the knees and hips and have zip-open vents in the front as well as exhaust vents in the rear.

Someone at Held clearly has a sense of humour, as these Matata trousers are designed to be paired

Held Matata 2 Trousers

There is kangaroo leather on the seat and knees for grip and there is both a Coolmax lining to regulate temperature and a removable waterproof and breathable liner to keep the weather out. Venting comes from zip-open panels on the thighs and there are both hand and cargo pockets on each side.

Like the matching jacket, the AllRoad from Spidi is intended for adventure riding though it could

Spidi AllRoad Trousers

The latest version of Alpinestars' Andes adventure-touring clothing is made with a polyfabric

Alpinestars Andes Pro V3 Trousers

They come with CE Level-1 knee armour and there are pockets for hip armour too. There are hold-open vents on the thighs for airflow and a cargo pocket on each side, as well as a full-length zip to join to compatible jackets.

Designed to work with the matching Offtrack jacket, these trousers are formed with an outer in a

Revu2019It OffTrack Trousers

They come with CE Level-2 knee armour and Level-1 hip and there are opening vents on the front of the thighs for extra cooling air. There are also two cargo pockets and short and long zips to join compatible jackets.

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