Best adventure motorcycle clothing

Get the right kit for your big adventure whether on or off-road to make sure you stay safe and comfortable whatever the conditions.

RiDE Magazine Editor Matt Wildee at the Sweet Lamb KTM Adventure Centre

by Jim Blackstock |

As we’ve said before, getting the right kit for your ride and your motorcycle are crucial and it’s the same for riders of adventure bikes, whether you are hitting the trails or travelling through the urban jungle.

Clearly, there are both aesthetic and practical reasons to get the right kit for the right bike. A set of racing leathers would not only look daft on an adventurer, they would be extremely uncomfortable, as they are designed to be worn in a racing tuck and an adventure bike puts the rider in a far more upright – or even standing – position.

So clearly adventure kit must allow the rider to move around, as the bike will always be doing that if it is used off-road. They must be able to stand up and sit down and ideally, have a decent amount of ventilation or breathability, since off-road riding in particular can be very hard work.

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Even if only used on-road, adventure kit still needs to protect the rider and be waterproof and windproof – the same as every other kind of clothing.

What to look for in adventure motorbike clothing

Look for an overall CE rating for the jacket and trousers and consider the specification of the armour – Level-2 being more protective than Level-1. For boots and gloves, look for the CE rating too with 2s indicating higher rating than 1s.

Any helmet for sale in the UK should conform to the ECE 22.05 standard but the UK government SHARP testing scheme assesses them for safety, with a rating out of five so check here as well though like open-face helmets, many adventure lids aren’t tested.

Here is what we reckon is some if the top adventure kit around.

RST Pro Adventure X Airbag Jacket
Price: £549.99


Available both with and without an integrated In&motion airbag, the RST Pro Adventure X jacket and

RST Pro Adventure X Airbag Jacket

Both feature a removeable thermal liner with a SinAqua waterproof and windproof membrane bonded to it. The jacket has chest, arm and back vents and the trousers, large panels on the legs.

CE rating: AA (jacket), A (trousers)

Armour rating: Level-2

Nexx X.Wed2
Price: £288.99


The Nexx X.Wed2 is a winner in sister magazine RiDE's product testing and comes in three shell

Nexx X.Wed2

It has an internal drop-down sun visor, extendable peak to prevent the sun or debris hitting the visor and is Pinlock ready.

SHARP rating: N/A

Forma Adventure Boots
Price: £191


Available in both this high-top and a low version that comes just above the second buckle, the

Forma Adventure Boots

They also have a DryTex waterproof membrane to keep water out and an elasticated top edge helps prevent it running down into the boot if worn outside trousers. There is ankle bracing, reinforcements to the heel and toe and armour on the shin.

Tried and tested by Adam Binnie, commercial content editor: "These are my current boots and I plan to use them until they're either completely worn through, or I've decided to stop riding motorbikes, whatever comes sooner. They're just superb - stiff enough to feel supportive and protective but flexible and comfortable enough for long rides too."

CE rating: 2-2-2-2

Spada MX-Air
Price: £32.99


These short gloves from Spada are formed with a neoprene palm and a nylon mesh material to the

Spada MX-Air

There is padding on the heel of the palm and printed grip panels with silicone sections on the tips of the first and second fingers, for gripping the brake and clutch levers on the bike.

CE Rated: Yes

5. Nolan N70-2 X


The Nolan is a dual-homologated helmet that is incredibly versatile. You can wear it as shown in

Nolan N70-2 X

The peak can also be removed very easily if you need to do any distance on the road and it comes with both a drop-down sun visor with a quick-release pop-up system and a Pinlock insert in the box.

SHARP Rating: N/A

6. T.ur J-Four


For strenuous riding off-road or in hot climates, this outfit from T.ur will do the trick. Both

T.ur J-Four

The jacket is CE AA-rated and the trousers are A rated and each comes with a separate thermal, waterproof and windproof inner liner to keep the elements out. There is CE Level-2 armour in the shoulders, elbows and knees and there is a pocket for a back protector in the jacket, as well as a drink bladder.

CE rating: AA (jacket), A (trousers)

Armour rating: L2

7. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex


These off-road boots are Sportsbikeshop's best sellers and with good reason; intended for both

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex

There is an inner gaiter for fit and comfort and significant reinforcement, including to the heel and toe cups and an ankle bracing system that both protects the bones and prevents rotational injuries.

CE rating: Unknown

8. Oxford Montreal 3.0


Another best seller on Sportsbikeshop, the Oxford Montreal 3.0 is about to be superseded by the

Oxford Montreal 3.0

There is also a RainSeal hood to go under your helmet to keep water from running down the back of your neck.

Tried and tested by Adam Binnie, commercial content editor: "I used this jacket for several years while first learning to ride and then onto my first big bike. I picked it because it had a magic, confidence-inspiring combination of loads of armour and high-vis.

"It was very comfortable and had a good amount of ventilation for hot days. It didn't come with a back protector but Oxford sells a level two insert for just over £20, which fits in perfectly."

CE rating: A

Armour rating: L1

9. Givi Hydration Rucksack


Part rucksack, part hydration bladder, this pack from Givi uses a two-litre drink bladder within

Givi Hydration Rucksack

It has a breathable back and the bladder is housed in the main pocket, while there is also a secondary pocket. The shoulder straps are quick release to make it easy to get on and off and there’s a chest strap with a whistle.

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