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Sometimes you need to plug-in to fix, understand or upgrade your bike – here’s how

Plugging a Yamaha R1 into a laptop

by Jim Blackstock |

Back in the day (and still on older or classic bikes) a good understanding of motorcycle mechanics, a sensitive hand and a good ear could tell exactly what was wrong with a bike from looking at it, listening to it or even smelling the exhaust.

However, nowadays with the full raft of engine tech, emission-compliant fuel-injection systems, exhausts and catalytic converters and different rider modes and fuel maps, those days are long gone for the latest range of bikes.

That isn’t to say that you can’t do anything or understand what is wrong with your bike or make life a little easier and more pleasant for yourself. There are numerous electronic aids out there to help you in all sorts of ways.

Take, for example, understanding problems and clearing faults. Simply plugging in to the bike’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port with the correct software or reader will help you understand what the problem is and put out any warning lights when it’s sorted.

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There are also options to show what gear you are in for older bikes that might not have indicator displays; systems to adjust the bike’s fuelling if you add an aftermarket exhaust or air filter, make sure your speedometer is reading properly, power your accessories or add to your overall safety.

Here is a selection of electronic aids, tools and upgrades that might be useful.

1. HealTech OBD Diagnostic Kit


While this kit is designed for Kawasaki models, the brand also makes versions for other

HealTech OBD Diagnostic Kit

You can then reset the codes and put out any warning lights on the dash, as well as reset maintenance reminders and limits. Connects to any computer running 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.

2. HealTech Speedohealer


Not only is inaccuracy inherent in most speedometers but slight changes to the bikeu2019s overall

HealTech Speedohealer

This device from HealTech helps ensure that the speedometer runs accurately and adds a host of other functionality, such as recording maximum speeds achieved.

3. HealTech Gear Indicator


Some older bikes, particularly pre or early fuel injection, donu2019t use gear indicators u2013

HealTech Gear Indicator

4. HealTech Exhaust Servo Eliminator


Replacing a bikeu2019s standard-fit exhaust can often liberate additional engine power, improve

HealTech Exhaust Servo Eliminator

5. Dynojet Power Commander


When a bike has been modified u2013 aftermarket exhaust system or air filter, for example u2013

Dynojet Power Commander

A Power Commander plug-in box will allow a dyno operator to do this, by letting them adjust the fuelling at various points in the engine’s rev range as well as potentially, the ignition advance as well. This version is for a Honda CBR1000RR but there are ones available for most bikes.

6. Rapid Bike Race Fuelling Kit


A fairly hardcore piece of kit this, designed for the Yamaha R6, the Rapid Bike Race fuelling kit

Rapid Bike Race Fuelling Kit

It has a host of additional features, such as programmable engine-braking, a pitlane speed limiter for track users and, with the YouTune option, adjustable traction control and launch control.

7. Rapid Bike Quickshift


An add-on to the Rapid Bike fuelling system, the Quickshift kit adds a two-way quickshifter to the

Rapid Bike Quickshift

8. HM Quickshifter


Speaking of quickshifters, HM produces a range of strain-gauge based systems either as aftermarket

HM Quickshifter

The stock shift linkage is replaced by an HM one with a strain gauge built-in, that senses when the rider is changing gear. It then cuts the ignition to unload the gearbox and allow the change before reinstating the ignition so acceleration can continue.

9. HealTech AR Traction Control


For bikes that are fitted with ABS but not traction control, this aftermarket system can help

HealTech AR Traction Control

If it senses a difference between the two, then it will reduce engine power until traction is restored. It also adds launch control for maximum efficiency getaways and bike-specific harnesses are available. It is all controlled via a smartphone app for ease of programming.

10. HealTech Brake Light Modulator


There is a reason cyclists use flashing lights at night u2013 itu2019s to make them more visible

HealTech Brake Light Modulator

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