The best camera accessories

MCN recommends the best camera accessories to up your pictures.

Camera Accessories

by Seth Walton |

Whether you’re heading away for a weekend group ride or perhaps just want to cherish your bike with some reverent admiration, the ability to whip a camera out and start snapping quality shots won’t be lost on you.

A few simple tricks and considerations will up your snapping proficiency 10-fold, but of course, it all starts with choosing a camera. This can become a bit of a minefield of product codes, technical specifications, and hefty price tags. If you’re packing a smartphone with a decent lens on you could just stick to that, but if you really want to take your pictures to the next level and beyond, a camera is key.

However, even with the best camera on this side of the sun, your picture-taking will still only be as good as the accessories you pack along the way.

A few cheap and simple pieces will allow you to shoot for longer, more efficiently and in greater comfort. For anyone wishing to take their photo hobby seriously, they’re a must. There are hundreds of accessories out there from a whole host of brands, so to get you started with your collection, we’ve put together a list of the essentials for you to check out.

1. Lowepro Camera Bag

The best camera bag for travelling


If you're looking to take your camera away with you for the weekend, toting it around from place

A great example of a simplistic yet quality design is this camera bag from Lowepro. Like most other camera bags, this example includes a built-in organiser within the bag for easy access to your camera, lenses and any other accessories you may have picked. For your safety and comfort, the bag features a padded strap, as well as a firm lining to protect its contents. There are hundreds of examples out there, but this is a good place to start.

2. K&F Lens Filter

The best filters for car photography


We’ve probably all trialled a synthetic camera filter at some point or another, but these ones are

This lens filter from K& F is made of high-end Japanese optical glass, reducing light from 1 to 8.66 stops, making this filter particularly useful when capturing shots of rivers and waterfalls in strong light, or getting creative with long exposures on moving cars and motorcycles. Not the one you’re after? There are plenty more filters in the K&F range with varying colour pallets.

3. K&F Tripod

The best tripod for car photography


For anyone wanting to capture photographs with slow-speed exposures or with extra-long focal

This tripod is built from military magnesium allows for corrosion resistance – perfect for weathering the elements. At 1.5KG, this is also a very light piece with 360-degree rotation and is collapsible for portability.

4. ‎INNOREL Monopod

The best tripod for portability


A monopod works similarly to a tripod, but as the name would suggest, only uses one leg. A

For this reason, we would recommend a monopod for anyone looking to take quick snaps on the go, say, around an event. If you want to set up in a single position then let the camera do the rest of the work, a tripod is a way to go.

This five-section monopod is made from carbon fibre, making it strong but ultra-light.  It has a max load of 12kg as well as a comfortable sponge grip and safety strap so you can shoot in comfort with a reliable leaning post all day.

5. Fantaseal Mounts


A camera mount will allow you to secure your camera in an elevated position, clamping to a solid

Fantaseal Mounts

This mount is attachable via a clip, with non-slip rubber pads inside to improve adhesion and friction with the subject surface. They’re also non-scratch and can be used on branches, poles and railings. The mount itself is compatible with a range of camera types, including GoPros and other action cameras, and DSLR cameras.

6. K&F Cleaning Kit

Best camera cleaning kit


If you’ve bought the camera, you’ll want to keep it clean. Getting rid of dust and dirt from a

This 23-in-1 kit has several different purposes within the greater task of camera cleaning. Included are sensor cleaning swabs, microfibre cloths and even anti-static gloves. What we like most about this kit is the air blower tube for removing dust from the lest. Simply wiping dust may cause scratches on the lens glass that could later turn up on your photos. The air blower is designed to remove the dust without any firm contact – scratch free.

7. Leica Camera Strap

Best camera strap


If you’re taking your camera with you on a trip but don’t want to be constantly pulling it out of

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