Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

Go for the minimal, streamlined look and functionality with these integrated intercoms

Integrated motorcycle intercoms fitted to helmets

by Jim Blackstock |

While some riders despise the concept of being connected to the outside world, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are the perfect solution for those who do. Whether it’s to hear sat-nav instructions, listen to music, take important calls or communicate with those around them, connectivity is a key part of the riding experience.

If you want to talk to other riders – if you’re on a ride with a group, for example – then you can also often connect using longer-range Bluetooth or MESH technology, which automatically connects you when you come within range.

And there are lots of universal-fit intercom systems around from a variety of manufacturers – known and respected as well as less well-known and with varying degrees of functionality.

However, one thing that universal intercoms have is something on the outside of the helmet to control them. This can range from a simple button panel to the full intercom unit itself.

While this means they will fit any helmet, they are visible and can generate wind noise in their own right.

However, some manufacturers have sought to alleviate this by working with intercom manufacturers to develop integrated systems that are designed specifically for one helmet, to fit within the helmet and work seamlessly with it, without the need to cumbersome external control panels, boxes and so on.

And while this means that the intercom will only work with one helmet, if you love your helmet and want to keep it for a while (no longer than five years, remember) then it will work seamlessly through the lid’s life (and potentially, for its replacement too).

Here is a selection of integrated intercom solutions for a range of helmets.

1. Sena 10U Arai


Sena is one of the biggest intercom manufacturers in the world, so it's no surprise that the

Sena 10U Arai

2. LS2 Linkin Ride Pal III


Another system developed by Sena, the Linkin Ride Pal III is designed to work with LS2 helmets and

LS2 Linkin Ride Pal III

3. Sena SRL2


This Sena unit is designed for use in Shoei helmets, particularly the GT-Air II. The speakers

Sena SRL2

4. HJC 20B


Using the same operating system as the Sena 20S universal-fit intercom, this version designed


5. Schuberth S2


This system for the Schuberth S2 helmet is produced by Cardo, another major intercom manufacturer

Schuberth S2

6. Scorpion Exo Com


The Exo Com unit is designed for several Scorpion helmets and uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to

Scorpion Exo Com

7. Schuberth SC1 Advanced


Developed for the Schuberth C4 and R2 helmets, this unit clips into a recess in the helmet and

Schuberth SC1 Advanced

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