Best motorcycle lever locks

Useful as a visible deterrent or immobiliser, a lever lock can be a handy layer of security

A motorcycle lever lock in action

by Jim Blackstock |

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again; security is best applied in layers, starting with something easy for a quick stop and building up to devices that will help protect your bike overnight or for longer periods.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to offer instant security – and a very visible deterrent to a potential thief as well – is with a lever lock. A bit like the old Krooklocks in cars, these lock the front-brake lever to the throttle grip, so that the brakes are applied and locked on.

Not only does this prevent the bike from being pushed away quickly and easily, but it also makes it very difficult for a thief to ride it away if they manage to get around the steering lock.

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It can also provide a quick and easy way of immobilising a bike yourself, for example, if you are transporting it or parking up in a hilly area and you want an extra way of holding it steady than just leaving it in gear.

There are two main types around; hinged sleeves in brightly-coloured plastic so that thieves can see them and hopefully carry on to the next bike, and those machined in alloy, either left in natural colour or anodised to look good. Which you choose is up to you, but the most important thing is you use it – it’s no use to you at all if it’s still under the seat.

Both are ‘clean’ so you don’t have to mess around on the ground or with a dirty or hot brake disc, for example. It’s also worth considering that some may not be compatible with bikes using handguards while one other consideration is that while a lever-lock is fitted, the brake system is pressured and this may cause issues with seal integrity if used for extended periods of time.

Here is a selection of lever locks on the market at the moment.

1. Caps Lock Universal


At this kind of money, you canu2019t really go wrong. Itu2019s a colourful plastic housing with

Caps Lock Universal


Easy to fit

Great value

Stainless steel wires for strength

2. Kovix KOL Lock


This lever lock from Kovix might seem expensive at first sight but it packs a 120dB punch u2013 a

Kovix KOL Lock


120dB built-in alarm

Top fastening

Alloy steel chassis

3. Oxford Leverlock


This example from Oxford will fit easily and quickly to the throttle and front-brake lever and

Oxford Leverlock


Brightly coloured for visual deterrent

Quick and easy to use

Rubber inserts for throttle and lever

4. Ryde Throtlock


Weu2019ve tried several Ryde products and in the past and found them to be reasonable quality at a

Ryde Throtlock


Visible deterrent

Compatible with hand guards

Available in black or silver

5. Oxford Lever Clamp


OK, itu2019s not a locking lever clamp but it will hold the front-brake lever so the brakes are on

Oxford Lever Clamp



Great for immobilising a bike

Useful addition to leaving in gear

6. EB Tools Universal Lock


This aluminium alloy lock is Amazonu2019s Choice for u2018motorcycle lever locku2019 and looks

EB Tools Universal Lock


Aluminium-alloy construction

Easy to fit and store

Suit variety of bikes

7. Datatool Croc-Lock


Datatool are a huge name in motorcycle security so you would expect this lever lock from the

Datatool Croc-Lock


Visible deterrent

Quick and easy to fit

Good value security layer

8. YXA-Lock


A variation on a theme, courtesy of a smoother, more rounded shape and a bright red finish to the



Smoother, more rounded finish

Good for bikes with hand guards

Metal construction

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