Best security products to keep your motorcycle safe

Want to keep your pride and joy safe? Here's our guide to the best security products for your bike

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by Jim Blackstock |

It may have fallen off the radar a little recently, but security remains one of the biggest concerns to any motorcyclist. The scare stories from a couple of years ago may have quietened but the fact remains that motorbikes are still a huge draw to thieves; whether the casual thief who simply wants some fun at someone else’s expense and potentially bait the police into a chase, or at the hands of an organised operation which will probably break the bike into parts and ship them far and wide.

There are plenty of steps that you can take to make life harder for thieves. Ultimately, the idea is to make your bike as unattractive as you can and force them to move on completely or at least, to the next bike.

We’ve gathered what we feel are the top security products to help ensure that you keep your bike and it doesn’t disappear without trace.

The best security products for your motorbike

When you’re buying security products, look for the Sold Secure logo. This is a not-for-profit scheme run by the Master Locksmiths Association that tests and rates products depending on their resistance to attack. Look for products that have Motorcycle ratings and ideally, Gold or Diamond for the highest levels of attack resistance.

Chain reaction

When you’re securing your bike with a lock and chain, make sure you wrap the chain around something immovable; a bike with a chain only through the wheel can be lifted by a few burly blokes and loaded into a van but if it’s locked to a post, then they’ll have to cut it and that makes noise and takes time. Also, keep the chain off the ground so it can’t be attacked with a sledgehammer.


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