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Keep your bike secure by locking it to a strong motorcycle ground anchor.

Motorcycle chained to ground anchor

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A bike chain and padlock are only as good as what you lock them to. If, for example, you use a hefty chain with a chunky padlock to secure your bike but the chain is only long enough to go through one of the bike’s wheels, then there is nothing to prevent a couple of burly thieves from simply lifting it up and chucking it into the back of a van and driving off with it. That’s why we always recommend you choose a chain long enough to secure your bike to a post, lamp-post or something else immovable.

What is a ground anchor?

When you’re at home, you may not have access to a lamp-post or a hefty lump of concrete but if you have a garage, shed or even just a patio, you can easily add an immovable object to secure your bike by fitting a motorcycle ground anchor.

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These are designed to offer a fixed point to chain your bike to, to keep it secure. Generally, as the name suggests, they will mount to the ground but depending on the location you store your bike in, you could equally fix a ground anchor to the wall of a brick- or block-build shed or garage or even a concrete fencepost as a last resort.

Which type of ground anchor is best?

There are various types of ground anchor and in various price points – and strengths. The most simple is a metal loop that secures to a flat surface and the chain passes through. A more secure version is formed in metal plate, often with two layers, that is fitted to the ground or another flat surface. Finally, there is a variety that is dug into the ground then secured with concrete, offering excellent security though at a price – for both the product and to get it fitted.

As with all security products, look for ones that have Sold Secure approval, ideally Motorcycle Gold or Diamond. This means they have been tested – and approved – by the not-for-profit scheme run by the Master Locksmiths Association and have resisted the highest levels of attack for the longest periods of time.

The best motorcycle ground anchors:

This chunky ground anchor from Chained is suitable for chains with links up to 16mm or multiple

Chained 16 Ground Anchor

A simple design, intended to be cemented into a hole in the ground. The idea is simple; dig a

Oxford Terraforce Ground Anchor

Sold Secure Silver approved. All fixings are supplied and can be used with chains up to 12mm. A

Oxford Brute Force Mini Ground Anchor

Mountable anchor for indoor or outdoor use. The 14mm alloy robust steel shackle lies flat and can

Gear Gremlin Ground Anchor

Weighing in at 4kg and rated Motorcycle Diamond by Sold Secure, this double-skinned anchor from

Oxford Beast Ground Anchor

Taking up to 16mm flexible chains, alongside the rigidity of a cast-iron anchor, this docking

Oxford Docking Station Ground / Wall Anchor

Another anchor designed to be concreted into the ground, the Y Anchor is available in two sizes,

Y Anchor 120 Ground Anchor

Not a name youu2019d usually associate with motorcycle security but this fold-down loop anchor

Halfords Advance Ground Anchor

The Himalaya from lock experts Squire is formed in 6mm hardened steel into an elongated box

Squire Himalaya Ground Anchor

This heavy-duty ground anchor bolts into a concrete surface, with ball bearings supplied to hammer

Mammoth Security Bolt-In Ground Anchor

Suitable as a wall or ground anchor and Sold Secure Gold approved. Although remaining highly

Hiplok Ankr Ground Anchor

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