Best tank-ring motorcycle tank bags

Tank-ring or tank-lock quick release tank bags can be a great option for carrying extra luggage on your bike

Oxford motorcycle tank bag

by Jim Blackstock |

When it comes to carrying luggage on your bike – as opposed to carrying it on your person in a rucksack – tank bags, which attach on top of your machine’s fuel tank, are one of the most efficient, stylish and secure ways of all.

That said, there are many different types of tank bags, with one of the main points of difference being attachment systems.

Some are magnetic which is quick and easy but less secure for larger volumes and can result in a scratched tank.

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Others use a system of straps, but that can be fiddly. But one of the more recent and secure mechanisms is the use of a ‘quick release’ mounting ring or system bolted onto your fuel filler cap which has the advantage of being neat, quick to use and secure.

But what types are currently available? How much do they cost? And what do you get for your money? Here’s our current pick of some of the best…

1. Oxford OL290 Q4R


British company Oxford Products is one of the leaders and most respected brands when it comes to

Oxford OL290 Q4R

2. Givi XS307 Xstream Tank Bag


Italian brand Givi are one of the most respected and quality when it comes to bike luggage and is

Givi XS307 Xstream Tank Bag

3. SW Motech Pro Daypack Magnetic


Tested by Richard Newland for three months, 500 miles - Value 5/5, Quality 5/5

SW Motech Pro Daypack Magnetic

"You can’t beat a good tankbag, and SW Motech make some of the best. This ‘PRO’ system adds a self-guiding magnetic mount to their long-established tank ring mounts, which I’m testing with their 6-9L expandable Daypack."

"It’s superb in use. Simply glide the tankbag (there are seven styles to choose from, climbing from 3L to 25L in capacity) over the tank ring and it’ll suck the bag down onto the locking ring where it snaps in place with a reassuring clunk. Once located, it won’t come off without you pulling the red cord to force it to release its vice-like grip. The tank ring is unobtrusive when not in use, and the system makes refuelling a doddle."

"The bags are superb quality, too. They’re built, rather than made, and I’ve covered many thousands of miles with them without any failures or degradation – or even serious wear. I’ve used other SW Motech tankbags for over 40,000 miles on multiple bikes, and they still look nearly new. If you have multiple bikes, you will need a ring on each – but only one bag."

"The outer is tough and protective, highly UV-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon, the inner boasts useful pockets and compartments, the zips are durable… everything just works. I like the understated techy styling, too. The only faff is the separate rain cover, but I can attest to its effectiveness in even the harshest of persistent rain. Pricey, yes – but worth every penny."

4. SW-Motech Evo Sport Tank Bag


Another offering from SW-Motech is this Evo Sport tank bag targeted at sports bikes with an even

SW-Motech Evo Sport Tank Bag

Its XS307, part of the Xstream range, is quality soft luggage specifically designed to complement the innovative Givi Tanklock system. Expandable to 15 litres it features water-resistant zips, rain cover, weatherproof internal compartment, removable tablet-holder, cable port and handle and shoulder-strap for easier transportation.

5. Oxford X4 QR Tank/Tail Bag


The X4 four-litre, quick release bag from Oxford products can be used as both a tank bag and a

Oxford X4 QR Tank/Tail Bag

6. Kappa Alpha AH213 Tank Bag


Kappa are another quality brand that offers tank bags using the tanklock system. The AH213 is a

Kappa Alpha AH213 Tank Bag

7. Givi UT810 Ultima-T Tank Bag


Another quality tank ring tank bag from Italian brand Givi is the UT810 Ultima u2013 an

Givi UT810 Ultima-T Tank Bag

8. Shad E16P Pin System Tank Bag


Luggage specialists Shad also do a tanklock style system u2013 although instead of using a ring,

Shad E16P Pin System Tank Bag

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