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Carry your gear and stay cool with these chic messenger bags

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Messenger bags are a firm favourite with motorcyclists, particularly in an urban environment. They are the chosen way of carrying goods by dispatch riders and – you guessed it, messengers – as they are easy to access to get the contents in and out but tuck behind on the bike or hang to the side for walking when off the bike.

Of course, they are particularly useful for commuters, especially if you don’t need to carry a change of clothes with you – just perhaps a laptop and some paperwork.

Throw it across your back when you’re on the bike or scooter and then, when you arrive, sling it to the side and no-one is any the wiser.

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Waterproofing may be useful to some riders, especially in changeable conditions but others may not necessarily require it, as poor weather conditions might mean either leaving the bike at home or using a specific waterproof luggage solution. So some will keep weather out while others may not.

Here is a selection of messenger bags for all riders.

1. Triumph T18


It might look a bit odd on say a Yamaha or a BMW but this bag from the official Triumph range of

Triumph T18

It comes with a padded shoulder strap and an integral carry handle as well as location points to add extra pouches and pockets. There are various sections within the main compartment, including one for electrical items to keep them organised.

2. Held Smart


This diminutive bag from Held may only have a capacity of three litres but it is stylish and will

Held Smart

It has one main section and two external pockets and comes with a shoulder strap as well as two grab-handles – one on the long side and one on the short so it can be carried like a normal messenger bag or an upright version. It has a laptop sleeve as well as various organiser sections and would suit any commuter.

3. Eigo Waterproof


This waterproof messenger bag from Eigo is made from what appears to be PVC tarpaulin material,

Eigo Waterproof

It has a 20-litre capacity as well as a waist strap to hold it securely to the body when on the bike – this can be removed when off the bike. It also comes with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.

4. Kriega Urban EDC


Like much of Kriegau2019s offerings, this messenger bag is not cheap but it is very nicely made

Kriega Urban EDC

It has a capacity of 18 litres and is big enough to carry a 17in laptop as well as various accessories, such as chargers and portable drives. It has an integrated carry handle as well as a padded shoulder strap and a removable waist strap to keep it secure on the bike.

5. Waterproof Bag


This waterproof bag is intended for walking or cycling but its inclusion of a waist strap as well

Waterproof Bag

It will house a laptop up to 15in in size as well as plenty of paperwork and accessories. The main compartment is covered by a flap that houses a pocket and is secured by two straps and quick-release buckles.

6. Givi T465


This stylish messenger bag from Italian manufacturer Givi is perfect for an urban commute on a

Givi T465

The main compartment is covered by a flap that is secure at the bottom of the bag and an adjustable and padded shoulder strap can also be removed.

7. Jet Canvas


This retro-styled canvas messenger bag will house a 15in laptop in one of the internal

Jet Canvas

It has an integrated carry handle as well as a padded shoulder strap and there is also a waist strap to hold it secure when on the bike.

8. Sidi Flight Bag


Not strictly a messenger bag, this flight bag from Sidi will be familiar to riders of a certain

Sidi Flight Bag

It’s a classic design, with a top zip giving access to the main compartment with a slim outer pocket on the front. The strap is multi-coloured and is adjustable and it comes in this black colour or a base white with the large Sidi logo printed on it.

9. SW-Motech Legend


Like most of SW-Motechu2019s gear, this messenger bag is top quality and can be fixed to the bike

SW-Motech Legend

The main flap is secured with wide Velcro and hides not just the main compartment but also, two accessory pockets while the outside of the flap has MOLLE fixing straps to allow extra pockets or pouches to be added.

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