Best motorcycle helmet bags

Carry your helmet and look after it with these helmet bags

Bell 500 helmet with bag

by Jim Blackstock |

Arguably the helmet is your most important bit of protective kit and it stands to reason that you should look after it. We all know that you should make sure you never drop it, but to transport it when not wearing it you really need is one of the many dedicated motorcycle helmet bags available.

Many helmets will come with a thin drawstring bag and this is great to keep dust off it but it won’t help protect the helmet from damage if you have it in the boot of the car or a van if you are loaded up to do a trackday, for example.

How about if you are going to collect someone on the bike and need to carry a spare lid for them with you or you are going on a flight somewhere (remember them?) and need to take your helmet with you?

There are various helmet bags around to allow you to keep your lid safe when you are travelling. You may want it to be waterproof, you certainly want it to be padded and with a soft lining to protect the paint and visor. You might want a shoulder strap to carry it when you are off the bike.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going with your helmet, there is a solution out there for you. Here are some of our favourites motorcycle helmet bags...

1. Oxford Lidstash


This helmet bag is made by renowned British kit and accessory giant Oxford Products and is a

Oxford Lidstash

2. RST Helmet Bag


Another example from a British brand, this one from RST is made from polyester and neoprene on the

RST Helmet Bag

3. OG Original Getaway Backpack


This hard shell bag is designed to carry two helmets, one inside and the other clipped to a strap.

OG Original Getaway Motorcycle Backpack

4. O'Neal Helmet Bag


Although made specifically by O'Neal for its own off-road and motocross helmets, this bag should

Ou2019Neal Helmet Bag

5. Oldbones Helmet Bag


This is what I think of when I think about helmet 'bags'; it's a semi-rigid teardrop-shaped bag

Oldbones Helmet Bag

6. R&G Helmet Bag


A basic helmet bag but made by a renowned accessory company so it should be good. This bag, from

R&G Helmet Bag

7. MotoGP Drawstring Bag


This drawstring bag is licenced from the official MotoGP range and will help to protect your

MotoGP Drawstring Bag

8. Oxford Lifetime Helmet Carrier


Another product from Oxford, this time designed to fit on the bike and carry a helmet with you as

Oxford Lifetime Helmet Carrier

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