The best motorcycle tailpacks

Get yourself some more storage with the best motorcycle tailpacks

The best motorcycle tailpacks

by Jim Blackstock |

Carrying luggage on a motorcycle is fairly straightforward and of all the options, many favour a tailpack. This is because almost any motorcycle can be fitted with one and assuming you get one with a decent capacity, it can carry your gear while allowing you to also remove it when you get to your destination.

Unlike a hard topbox, for example, you don’t have to leave it fitted to the bike all the time (many topboxes can be removed but it can be a faff), so if you’re out for a fun ride, a tailpack can be left at home and won’t ruin the lines of your bike or tempt anyone’s curiosity as to what’s inside.

If your bike has a luggage rack, the tailpack can sit on that; and if it doesn’t, then generally, it will fit to the pillion seat instead. If you have neither a luggage rack nor a pillion seat (if you own a bobber — single-seat bike) then you’ll have to think of another way to carry your gear.

Ideally you want a tailpack to be waterproof to keep your gear dry, you want it to fix to the bike so that it remains stable and you want it to have a decent capacity. In the past, we’ve found that around 25-30 litres works well, holding enough to a weekend or a night or two away – much less and they won’t hold what you need and much more and they become a bit large and cumbersome.

Most will have some way of carrying the tailpack once off the bike; this might just be a grab handle or it might be a pair of straps to turn it into a backpack; decide which is important to you.

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