Top Christmas gifts for your motorcycle

Give your bike a treat this festive season with these motorcycling gifts

A motorcyclist and Santa Claus

by Jim Blackstock |

The Christmas season is approaching and with it, thoughts turn to buying gifts for loved ones – and there’s no reason why that can’t also include your motorcycle.

There are plenty of pleasing presents you can spoil your two-wheeled steed with. We’re not talking practical accessories such as luggage or performance aids; nor quality consumables such as tyres, chains or brake pads – all of those things you’d buy anyway.

No, we’re talking about the sort of extras that are little luxuries – not for you but for your bike.

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These can include things that help keep your bike your bike clean and in tip-top condition; items that stop it getting damaged in normal day-to-day riding or simply quality stands or supports that keep your bike stable and secure when wrapped up in your garage.

But what sort of motorcycle ‘gifts’ are available, where can you buy them, what do they cost and what do you get for your money? To help you decide, here are some of our favourites.

1. Puig Top Yoke Protector


This is a simple idea that can really improve your bike at a very minimal cost and which is also

Puig top yoke protector

This protector is a simple, bespoke, hard-wearing veneer, in this case in replica carbon fibre, which simply adheres to the surface, protecting it.


Affordable and easy to apply

Does exactly what it says

Also enhances the look of your bike


May need replacing periodically

2. Gear Gremlin Gel Tank Pads


A simple, affordable solution to the problem of potentially scratching your bikeu2019s tank with

Gear Gremlin Gel Tank Pads

These mid-priced tank pads not only protect your bike’s tank; they’re made in a soft gel substance for added comfort, come in two attractive designs, have a strong, adhesive backing and have gained good reviews. Yes, you can pay more or choose different materials or designs but for decent all-round performance at a great price, these are hard to beat.


Mid-range price

Gel material for extra comfort

Choice of designs


Not as sturdy as some

3. Oxford Clear Tank Saver


Another simple, affordable way to protect your bikeu2019s tank u2013 but this time intended to

Oxford Clear Tank Saver

They’re a simple flexible plastic design bespoke to your bike, are by respected British accessories brand Oxford Products and come with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy as pie to fit.


Protect your bike’s paint

Easy to fit

Great price


Can sometimes look grubby over time

4. Oxford Protex Indoor Cover


u2018An indoor bike cover? Why do you need an indoor bike cover?u2019 I hear you ask. Simply so

Oxford Protex Indoor Cover

It’s also made of breathable material to avoid condensation and has an elasticated base with an adjustable belly strap for an ultra-snug fit. In short: your bike will love you for it


Brilliant at protecting your bike

Quality construction

Stretch, snug fit


Stops you easily admiring your bike in the garage

5. Bike It Brake Reservoir Protectors


Another u2018cheapie but a goodieu2019. In the bad old days, of course, sportsbike riders keen to

Bike It Brake Reservoir Protectors

But today you can get these bespoke bike versions which have the benefit of being both colour-matched and embroidered with the brand of your bike. For a cheap, sporty-looking add-on that can easily be replaced again, there’s not much better.


Bargain price

Instant easy fit

Matched to your bike


Will get manky over time

6. MPW Motorcycle Workshop Mat


Another one of those motorcycle accessories or products that nobody actually needs and arguably

MPW Motorcycle Workshop Mat

They’re great for both showing off your bike and being a cleaner, more comfortable surface on which to work on your bike and this MPW item comes in a variety of bike-branded designs, in durable polyester with an oil and water-resistant, non-slip synthetic backing and measure 2m x 0.75m.


Great for showing off your bike

Pleasing when tinkering

Lots of designs


A little pricey perhaps?

7. Bike It Aluminium Valve Caps


Motorcycle gifts donu2019t get much simpler, smaller u2013 or cheaper than this. But at the same

Bike It Aluminium Valve Caps

For the princely sum of just £2.99 you get a pair in the colour of your choice (please note, the picture is for illustrative purposes only to show all the colours available) while fitting, by definition, takes merely a matter of seconds.


Easy to fit

Ridiculously affordable

Choice of colours


So small, the difference is minor

8. Boudech Heavy-Duty Front And Rear Paddock Stands


Paddock stands are one of motorcyclingu2019s most-pleasing workshop luxuries. They donu2019t

Boudech Heavy-Duty Front And Rear Paddock Stands

These heavy-duty examples are temptingly priced, well made, come highly recommended and have the added bonus of being a matching pair. Go on; you know your bike deserves them!


One of motorcycling’s little luxuries

Well-made and strong

Come as a pair


You may need to fit bobbins to your bike

9. ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Lubricant 32oz Spray


It might not seem very gift-like but ACF-50 is a brilliant product that every bike deserves and

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Lubricant 32oz Spray

This market-leading product is highly rated for its ability to protect, penetrate and lubricate to prevent corrosion. Just spray it on vulnerable areas and let it do its magic. Better still, this example comes in a large size with its own spray applicator. Recommended.


Great for protecting your bike

Easy to use

Highly rated


Can be a little messy if over-applied!

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