Top motorcycling earplugs

Cut out the noise with the best earbuds for motorcycling

Top motorcycling earplugs

by Jim Blackstock |

There's no way to dress it up – motorcycling can be a noisy business. Sure, cushioned behind a vast screen and complex aerodynamics in the silent envelope of a touring bike’s sheltered environment might be a calm and relaxed place to be, but on the other side of the coin, a naked or sports bike can put the rider’s head right in the flow of air and this can get noisy.

Nice even airflow needn’t be a problem – it's turbulent air that tends to create the most noise, and this can have an effect on not only your general enjoyment of the ride but also, it can damage your hearing.

Tests have shown that the interior of a crash helmet can see Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) well in excess of 100dB and this can quickly end up causing permanent hearing damage. Of course, the helmet itself as well as the bike and whatever screen it is using will affect the noise level, but this is why many motorcyclists wear earplugs, to reduce the sounds level that reaches the inner ear.

The thing to look for with earplugs is the SNR, or Single Number Rating; this indicates by how much they reduce noise as per the relevant standards. The bigger the number, the more they reduce noise.

There are lots of different earplugs available, from incredibly cheap off-the-shelf ones to custom-made items costing significant money. Here are what we reckon are among the best on the market. After all, what price do you put on your hearing?

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