Top motorcycle heated grips

Keep your hands warm when riding, no matter the weather with heated grips for your motorcycle.

Top motorcycle heated grips

by Jim Blackstock |

Contrary to what many people think, a pair of heated grips isn’t purely the domain of riding in the deepest of winter. Of course, when the temperature drops, they can help enormously to keep hands warm but they can actually be really useful in spring, autumn and even in the height of summer as well.

Why use heated grips?

Heated grips can help warm hands on chilly early morning or late evening rides – arguably some of the best times to be out riding. Typically in the warmer months, you want a pair of summer riding gloves – all about the feel for the bike’s control through thin material and cooling air flow during the heat of the day. However, this comes at a price – they can leave the hands feeling chilly at each end of the ride, and this is where heated grips come in.

A little warmth against the palm of the hand where you hold the handlebars and inside the fingers can help stave off unpleasantly cold hands, which can affect your enjoyment as well as your safety.

Many motorcycle manufacturers offer heated grips as an option when buying new but they tend to be expensive and of course, older bikes may not have them at all. So a pair of aftermarket items can be a relatively quick and easy fix for chilly hands, not just on early summer rides but deep into winter.

One thing to bear in mind though; Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane works by heat transfer – the water (moisture generated as sweat) flows from the hot side (inside the glove) to the colder side (outside). However, if you’re using heated grips in the wet with Gore-Tex, then water will flow in the opposite direction, as the outside is now hotter and you may end up with wet hands.

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The best motorcycle heated grips

1. Oxford Hotgrips Premium Sports


Good value and effective, you can't ask for more than that. As standard, they come 123mm in length

Oxford Hotgrips Premium Sports

2. Universal Replacement Grips


Replacement grips are a neater and more integrated solution than wraparound sleeves but they do

Universal Replacement Grips

3. Oxford Hotgrips Advanced


Oxford has a range of grips for different styles of bikes, including these sports, as well as

Oxford Hotgrips Advanced

4. R&G Motorcycle Heated Grips


Designed for all bikes using 22mm handlebars, these replacements from R&G are 124mm long,

R&G Motorcycle Heated Grips

5. Ultimateaddons Integrated


These replacement grips from Ultimateaddons are super-slick with an integrated activation and

Ultimateaddons Integrated

6. BikeTek Premium Heated Grips


Designed for 22mm handlebars, these grips from BikeTek feature a soft rubber outer with

BikeTek Premium

7. Bike-It Adjustable


The own-brand replacement grips from Bike-It come with an adjustable heat controller so that the

Bike-It Adjustable

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